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Microcitrus australasica flowers opened. Aka Fingerlime

14 Sep

Sad Looking finger lime tree


Finger lime flower!

Finally the little flower buds opened today. The flowers are tiny and white on the inside, pinkish on the outside.
Mine has five petals…. I was researching to see what I need to do to get these little flowers to produce fruit and it appears I need to add Epsom salt and water lots.

I also found out that some finger limes have three petals only…. And since mine has five petals, that it’s actually a Microcitrus australasica sanguinea – the red-fleshed fingerlime! Even more exciting as I did not know this when I bought the plant.

Here is the page with the fingerlime flower info






Fingerlime miracle!

22 Aug

I went to a talk by Fox Farm about their container gardening products. They have this amazing potting mix that could revive sad looking plants. The rep asked if we had any sad looking plants with only one miserable leaf left and I started thinking of all the plants I had and I could only think of one that desperately needed help. So this was enough to convince me to buy a small bag of the organic mix.

So here’s my sad plant.
Yes, my poor fingerlime doesn’t look like it has grown in the year that I’ve had it and it also lots loads of leaves. It’s so twiggy looking.

Finger lime plant - Hasn't grown much in the year I have had it

Upon closer inspection, check this out…

Sad Looking Finger Lime

Ok here’s a closer shot.

Finger Lime Flowers

Tiny pink Finger Lime flowers.

Isn’t that cool? My little fingerlime is flowering!!

So I haven’t repotted it, I guess I’ll just leave it here til winter.

Other Container plants update :) Fruits and Veggies

20 Apr

Busy life means I only have time to post all my pictures. Enjoy!

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Finger Lime New Growth update

18 Apr

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Fingerlime – speedy growth!

2 Apr

Australian Fingerlime New Growth. April 1st 2011


Only last week these were just little nubbies barely detectable and now check them out! They are whole entities by themselves!

Fingerlime – New Growth!

24 Mar

Finally my sad little fingerlime tree is doing something besides losing leaves.

It started dropping a few leaves a couple of months ago so I repotted it to a terracotta pot as I was probably getting too wet in a plastic one. It still dropped more leaves but check these little babies out. I’m so excited! I think I saw evidence of more new growth elsewhere on the plant but these babies are the biggest ones so far. They all happen to be growing right by the grafted point. I’d rather my plant get bushier rather than taller so that is good news.

March 2011 Australian Finger lime. Not looking too good after dropping leaves. i hope that is normal.

Finger lime. March 2011.But look closely - New growth! This is right by the grafted point.

Other things growing in Containers – incl. Finger lime and Lemons

25 Feb

Since I like to take a lot of pictures, heres a big jumble of all the plants I am growing in containers at the moment.

Fingerlimes – I have had this plant for a while now and it has done absolutely nothing. Actually it started dropping a few of the shiny green leaves. This is a bit of concern. I think I hhave all the watering and soil wrong so I recently repotted it in a larger clay pot for better water control and I also used some citrus potting mix. Hopefully this will help. I also tied it to a cane to see if he can straightened up. I doubt I will be getting any fruit this year. Or next! This guy has a long way to grow. I’m sad I haven’t seen much in the way of new growth but at least I haven’t killed it yet.

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