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Homegrown Edamame!

6 Aug

Certainly not a bumper crop, I don’t think my soil conditions are ideal but tasted just like real soy beans. Pretty awesome ­čÖé



Nitrogen fixing Fava beans.

4 May

I decided to harvest all my Fava beans as the plants were getting unruly. When I pulled them out of the soil, I found all these bumps on the roots. “Ugh” I thought. What kinda disease is this? Root knot? Fungus? Bacterial?


So I placed it in the trash pile and considered keeping some of the healthier greens to mix back into the soil as I heard that beans are “nitrogen fixing”. Hmmm, what does this mean anyway? So I googled fava beans nitrogen fixing and found this site about nitrogen fixing nodules

I was so happy to discover those bumpy roots are supposed to be there and those were actually the functional part of the nitrogen fixation. So glad I didn’t read about it after I threw them out.

Here’s are my nodules, fava beans and shells. Harvest is kinda small but It’s is only from a six pack of plants. And it appears I harvested some a little early as the size of beans vary quite a lot. The shells were so thick and healthy. Seems like suck a waste to throw them out so I mixed it back into the soil too.







Early May Harvest. Fava beans, turnips, peaches, mustard greens and more

4 May








April harvest. Fava beans (broad beans), wild arugala, turnips and carrots.

26 Apr

Wild arugula is out of control. There’s so much! The seeds are tiny and I tried to plant them in containers but the dirt much dry out too much for them to survive. So my container grown arugula have not done well besides the very first attempt two years ago. At some point, I had my container arugula growing by the flower beds and since it went to seed, those seeds have become really “wild” so now it grows within all my other intentionally planted veggies.

Carrots are container grown so are small and stubby. The turnips – I didn’t bother to thin them after sowing – instead, I’m just harvesting the bigger ones which allows the smaller ones to grow although sometimes when I pull up the bigger ones, the small ones are accidentally pulled too. It’d all good, I get a couple of orange sized turnips a week.

First time growing fava beans. I bought a six pack of seedlings. They’re growing quite well but I couldn’t work out when to pick them. They taste better raw than cooked as they turn a big mushy. The inner shells are tough when the beans are fully ripe. I harvested a variety of sizes so instead of trying to work out which ones needed shelling, I just cooked them all (and had to explain to my husband what was going on with our fibrous dinner!).












Soy Beans in the winter?

12 Dec

Being the impatient gardener I am, and have very little action over winter in San Diego, I decided plant some edamame seeds. Aka, soy beans.

These are a week old and I am germinating them in the house on a windowsill. I may keep them indoors for as long as possible as even though we have mild winters in San Diego, I think they will have a better chance indoors until they outgrow the pots. The packet suggests to wait until soil is 60 degrees and days are 70 degrees. Usually winter here is about 60s.

These guys are a week old and germinated very quickly.