Fingerlime miracle!

I went to a talk by Fox Farm about their container gardening products. They have this amazing potting mix that could revive sad looking plants. The rep asked if we had any sad looking plants with only one miserable leaf left and I started thinking of all the plants I had and I could only think of one that desperately needed help. So this was enough to convince me to buy a small bag of the organic mix.

So here’s my sad plant.
Yes, my poor fingerlime doesn’t look like it has grown in the year that I’ve had it and it also lots loads of leaves. It’s so twiggy looking.

Finger lime plant - Hasn't grown much in the year I have had it

Upon closer inspection, check this out…

Sad Looking Finger Lime

Ok here’s a closer shot.

Finger Lime Flowers
Tiny pink Finger Lime flowers.

Isn’t that cool? My little fingerlime is flowering!!

So I haven’t repotted it, I guess I’ll just leave it here til winter.


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