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First ever homegrown Crookneck squash

15 Jul

We don’t really have these in England. I don’t really know why as they’re as tasty as zucchinis, (which are actually called “Courgettes” in the U.K).

I had to pick this guy as I noticed the plant wasn’t producing any new fruit – within a couple of days I started seeing female flowers again. This morning I hand pollinated three flowers. I was in a bit of a rush but hopefully I transferred enough pollen for the bugs to finish the job.





I also grew round zucchinis in a bucket but I only had one fruit which ended up way too mature to eat. The skin was hard and there were so many seeds inside – what a waste! Now I know to harvest earlier so all my water efforts aren’t wasted.
Look how cute this guy was! Shame he didn’t taste very good.



Squash bucket update

9 Jul

My first crookneck squash. I hand pollinated just in case the bees were taking a nap. I took one of the male flowers with the pollen, took all the yellow petals off and dipped it into the female open flower.



Squash bucket!

27 Jun



These plants are loving this bucket. Leaves getting bigger everyday! Instead of potting mix, I used a compost mix not specifically for container plants.

This pic above is a week earlier.

And this pic is from the 8th June. Only 19 days ago! Growing so quickly!