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Trellis Grape Vine pruning and reshaping

27 Feb


This was my container growing grapes this year so far until last week…

I saw this beautiful post about grape vines in containers and it inspired me to reshape my own grape vine.

I found a cage style support which seemed better than my home made flat trellis so I tried to be brutal and pruned my grape vines down to a few shoots. Keeping two main longer ones to reach the top ring of the new cage support.




Splitting shucks and thinning

21 Feb


This was from a week or two ago.
I thinned these peach babies to about one peach every 3-4 inches and tried to have them alternate side of the branch when possible. Maybe I started thinning too early and maybe I didn’t thin enough but it is a little heartbreaking to rip off all those little potential peaches…. Hopefully this tree will be strong enough to support the ones I left.



Potting up container Fruit trees. Hopefully doing it right this time!

21 Feb


Some of my container fruit trees look so sad. Even though I gave them a larger pot and fresh dirt a year ago. I had to investigate what was happening underneath the soil as I leaves kept dropping no matter what I sprayed or how much a fertilized (without over fertilizing).

When I took them out of the pots, i was sad to see some of the poor trees root were still in the shape of their previous pots 😦 this meant 1)I hadn’t done it properly and/or 2) I didn’t change the pot soon enough.

I need to read up some more about potting up but I remember seeing videos about using a fork to tease out the roots do I did that. I also carefully removed the old dirt from the root ball.

I noticed some dirt was thick like dark clay, and some other parts was dry and crumbly. I don’t think thats a good sign!

Hopefully I didn’t mess too much with the roots to distress the trees too much.

Here are my two trees that had the saddest roots.






Peach blossoms gone, in with the mini peaches and new leaves

21 Feb

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My little peach trees seem quite happy in these pots but while I was potting up some of my other container trees, I decided to check the peach roots – the tropic beauty root ball is quite spongy and full of roots. Didn’t look desperate for potting up but I just did it anyway since the fresh dirt will probably be very welcome.

Before potting up a size – check out all the little pea sized peaches!




And this is after.



I need to get a bigger pot for the Tropic Prince, but I’ll see how the Tropic Beauty does first before fiddling with them both at the same time. Just in case 🙂



Trellis Flame Grape bursting out of dormancy

20 Feb

I thought my grape may not have made it. Towards the end of summer, he lost all his leaves in a nasty way. Look like they just were not healthy and all slowly fell off. Other grapes in the neighbourhood appeared to be doing great and still had their leaves for a couple a months before mine had shed all of its leaves already. So I’m so happy to see all this wonderful new growth on my grape vine! And I am surprised how rapidly it is growing! My homemade trellis seems kind of small. I will build a bigger one when I get a chance. I have seen images of people shaping their grape vines into a tree shape. Now that’s an idea!

These pix are all from the last couple of weeks.







2 year old Container Asparagus

20 Feb

These asparagus are almost big enough to eat! Getting a few popping up but going to let it fern out for one more year, then next year I will start harvesting! There are about five crowns in this pot. It started with six but one wasn’t doing too well last year so I pulled it out, instead of throwing it away, I planted it in with my blackberries. It seems ok in there… Gets a few stalks a season which I let fern out too.



Here is the original pot with five 2 year old crowns.



If you look closely, there is a purplish asparagus head poking out slight left and up of the center of the pic 🙂

I put some fresh potting mix on top. Maybe about and inch. I have no idea what is happening below the dirt, I haven’t repotted in over a year. I don’t think pots come any bigger than this! I wish I had few crowns in there as I am afraid they are strangling each other down there. I have kind of left the pot in the back of everything else so it can just hang out and see what happens. I have done very little maintenance besides removing the ferns when they turn brown.



These pics were from the end of the season 2011. I cut ferns off as they turn brown/yellow. It also had a bad infestation of blackish aphids late summer 2011. When the fern gets long and dangles over the side, a lot of stuff happens underneath that I don’t see and when I finally see it, it’s so severe that I end up cutting the infested stalks off and spraying like crazy with neem and oil spray. I also sometimes find snails inside the thick fern forest. This year I will try to be more diligent with those. Aphids get really bad at certain points of the year esp. if I don’t keep up the spraying. I am still learning and spotting seasonal patterns – all this will hopefully make me a more successful gardener!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

15 Feb

Some ladies get flowers, lucky me get a new Oro Blanco grapefruit tree that will bare tasty fruit for many years to come!

We ate one of these babies tonight and it was very tasty. Sharp but sweet and a little bitter. My dog loves them too! He goes wild for grapefruit!