A bit misleading – more just vines than grapes. My grapes are plagued with mildew every year I’m sure they would grow if they weren’t so diseased year after year. So here it is really trying. As with last year, it will probably lose all its leaves to mildew soon. I don’t know what to…

2013 peaches.

Slap wrist, I’ve been neglecting all my green babies recently and these peaches are so small as I didn’t thin then out properly. And I hadn’t watered in a week so a few wrinkled and fell off! What a shame – shame on me!

Brown thumbs corner

These aren’t doing too well – pineapple guavas. They look so unhealthy. I relocated to sunnier spot and hopefully tomorrow I will remember to fertilise them as I just about managed to water everything today. Being a full time student is keeping me very busy indeed.

Blueberry season!

So these are southmoon and misty blueberry bushes. They’re so amazingly productive and are doing so well in these small pots I am thinking of ditching all the other plants and just growing blueberries! I am so happy with these. Last weekend got a small handful of blueberries, this weekend, I got two handfuls that…