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Sunshine Blue Blueberry flowering

24 Aug

Sunshine Blue Berries in container.

Little cute pink flowers. There doesn’t seem to be any other branches flowering or these maybe the first.

This blueberry plant is in a pretty small pot and it seems pretty content apart from the occasional caterpillar munching on the leaves.


Sunshine Blue Berries in container. flowering


cute flowers


Sunshine Blue Berries in container. dwarf, cute flowers.


Fingerlime miracle!

22 Aug

I went to a talk by Fox Farm about their container gardening products. They have this amazing potting mix that could revive sad looking plants. The rep asked if we had any sad looking plants with only one miserable leaf left and I started thinking of all the plants I had and I could only think of one that desperately needed help. So this was enough to convince me to buy a small bag of the organic mix.

So here’s my sad plant.
Yes, my poor fingerlime doesn’t look like it has grown in the year that I’ve had it and it also lots loads of leaves. It’s so twiggy looking.

Finger lime plant - Hasn't grown much in the year I have had it

Upon closer inspection, check this out…

Sad Looking Finger Lime

Ok here’s a closer shot.

Finger Lime Flowers

Tiny pink Finger Lime flowers.

Isn’t that cool? My little fingerlime is flowering!!

So I haven’t repotted it, I guess I’ll just leave it here til winter.

Blackberries unexpectedly fruiting this year

22 Aug

Primocane thornless blackberries fruiting first year??!



Pretty cool!


Sharing the container with the blackberry….


An Asparagus crown that wasn't doing too well in another pot but seems to be thriving here with the blackberries


Corn 2011

22 Aug



Some of these look fantastic.



But since I was on vacation when the ears started to produce silk – this is what some of them look like.



Still tasted sweet and yummy!

The back row I grew from seed and since they didn’t germinate that well, I bought a supplemental six pack of seedlings and planted them in front. There are only two rows so this could explain the bad pollination rate. Corn is wind pollinated and pollen from the top tassels need reach the silk from each corn ear.

The front row produced silk earlier so I was able to help the pollination process. Hence producing bigger, fuller cobs.

As the wind can cross pollinate different types of corn, on the otherside of the building, I planted a small plot of popping corn.


I wish I had more seeds but this is all that grew. Looking good so far.

Incredibly HOT rainbow peppers

22 Aug

I read that the rainbow peppers were pretty tasteless and people grew them for the decorative value. Which is probably why I grew them too, just novelty and curiosity value.

I put three TINY peppers – two red ( they were size of tiny peas), and one purple pepper ( about half an inch long) into a pasta dish recently. I didn’t even bother cutting them up and threw them in whole. BAD IDEA!

I was on fire just from eating the little guys which so so tiny I didn’t even see them in my meal. Luckily I found the purple on and just stabbed him with my fork to put him aside… Even the juices on my fork made EVERYTHING I ate really spicy. These little suckers have serious heat. I love spicy hot food but these are so unbelievable hot. I could probably just use one half and inch pepper to spice up my entire dish.

So if anyone wants seeds, let me know! I can send anyone a whole pepper who is interested or curious! They grow REALLY easily – I bought six seeds on eBay and they all germinated over winter here in San Diego and kept growing over summer.


Bolivian Rainbow Peppers


Bolivian Rainbow Peppers. Mostly purple so far


Bolivian Rainbow Peppers. They're SUPER hot! Watch out!

Avocado from pit keeps on growing

22 Aug

I grew this guy from a pit last year and have been pinching the tips to try to make it a small plant but currently it is two feet high and is growing really vigorously! The new growth is a browny greenish colour and then turns to the deeper green when leaves reach full size. The leaves are really big – about 20 cms… 8inches. The initial trunk branched into three separate branches and now I am pinching those so they will branch too. I will probably repot over winter. Hope he doesn’t mind being cramped for a few more months.


Pinched Avocado with three branches.


Avocado grown from Pit


Pinched Avocado with three branches and new growth - the redish brown cloloured leaves

August update.

22 Aug

School is starting today and I have been really busy last month traveling. I managed to convince a neighbour to water my babies for me while I was gone for a two week trip and he did a fantastic job. I was so pleased to see everything bigger and better when I got back!

Below is my harvest. A random kohl rabi (random because I bought a pack of seeds and this is the only one that made it), a round zucchini, turnip, yellow carrots and a bunch of yummy tomatoes.


Here is my concoction.