End of April 2014 update.

Surprisingly, my neglected garden isn’t as bountiful as it was when I tended to it more. Peaches are small, blueberries are fewer… Still, the few I get taste good. My pineapple guava is flowering once again, I think last year it didn’t do so much. And excitingly, my olive tree is flowering. The flowers are…

Pineapple guava shedding leaves but still a couple of fruit left

I have probably had a dozen little strawberry sized pineapple guavas this year which I am most impressed with as I wasn’t expecting anything. The pulpy center has a very fragrant purfumey taste which my hubby described as soapy but to me, they taste like mixed, tropical, miscellaneous fruit flavour 🙂

Harvesting big cabbage heads and pineapple guavas fruiting!

This is a medium sized head cabbage – I got about half a dozen nice sized heads and one that I had to throw away as the bugs got into it. First time growing cabbage so I am pretty happy. This one was grown in a narrow wooden patio box I usually plant strawberries in….

Flowering Pineapple Guava

Flower buds are swelling and you can see a bit of colour! So exciting! Photo from a April 30th Photo from May 3rd Photo from today, May 5th. Just updated!

NEW container fruit trees for 2012. Pineapple Guava PHOTOS

I bought two of these plants recently from different stores. they look a little different  but both were pretty cheap for fruit trees.I read that you need two to pollinate each other. They make pretty little patio trees. Hope they will bear fruit this year although I have never even seen or eaten a pineapple…