Citrus, Meyer lemon, Washington orange, pomelo, and the Pink lemonade still alive!

20 Apr

I have had the pink lemonade tree for a long time and haven’t had too many lemons from it. I would love to put it in the ground but still figuring out a space!

Other citrus are doing mighty fine!! New from last year are Washington oranges, which produced about a dozen tasty oranges last year, and the Meyer lemon. Meyer lemons are insane growers!! I think we had like 2 lemons on the tree when I bought it and over winter we got about 2 dozen, now there is so much growth I feel like I have to thin it maybe?

Above : Meyer lemon

Below: Washington oranges

The pomelo hasn’t really fruited since I got it. Came with really big tasty fruits from the nursery and has looked sad since. Until now! Seems to be thriving in the ground!! I’m trying to train it to be a tall tree so have been pruning the lower leaves but overall it is still only 3 ft high maybe.



Vegetable planter :) wow!

20 Apr

Feb 14th 2017

April 1st above! Still so neat! I just added the trellis for the tomatoes since I don’t have a cage.

And this below is April 19th. Only 18 days from when I put the trellis in and now you can barely see it! Growth is insane!

The squash is turning into a beast!! I tried to space them out but it looked so sparse in the beginning… and when you buy six packs… 😊😊😂

The front row are beets and shallots.

Then red bell peppers which do not seem happy at all, next up broccolini is I have harvest twice from already.

Next up tomatoes then zucchini.

Also a volunteer possibly spaghetti squash.

So I set up drip irrigation which runs 20 mins every day. It still needs adjusting – Any tips for drip irrigation settings will be greatly appreciated! 🤗

April asparagus strip.

20 Apr

So these guys are getting a little more sun. I haven’t picked any as they’re super thin. Anyone ever grow them in a strip before? Initially I planted these here due to the ugly fence I wanted to hide but we ended up rebuilding a beautiful fence!

Here’s the before bad after fence…. /during 🙂

April Corn patch. Possible three sisters…

19 Apr

So here’s my tiny corn patch. I actually planted more but these were the only ones that grew so I sectioned them all together.

I just found some old peas seeds so I put them in too so hopefully they will grow and climb on the corn.

I also have a compost volunteer creeping out from the vegetable planter…. I believe it is a spaghetti squash as that’s the only squash I really eat. If it creeps enough it can finish off the 3 sisters of corn, squash and beans/peas!

Here is another volunteer squash hanging out in the asparagus strip.

these guys are survivors. I only put a small amount of compost in the bottom of my veggie planter and these grew all over. A lot I just had to put out and their stems would be almost 10 inches long underground!

Spring has sprung! April peaches.

19 Apr

My desert gold peach has gone insane. Producing so many peaches that I can thin fast enough and some I just can’t reach any more! I actually attempted pruning over the year I’ve had this peach tree but it’s a rather ugly shape. Partially due to the space I have given it (a small corner right next to a fence) and partially because I have no idea what I’m doing or I can’t seem to be brutal enough!!

Here are a millions of peaches

And this was from a couple of weeks ago

Container strawberries!

6 Feb

These are big beauties and look amazing BUT unfortunately taste like store bought strawberries.

I guess it’s just winter time.

Although I have some other strawberries which produces tiny ugly oval type strawberries and those taste amazing.

Dec 2017. Volunteers from compost and asparagus one month growth

21 Dec

So tall! Over a foot tall! Unfortunately I do not know how old these crowns are. I am going to assume one year crowns. Impulse buy 🙂

I think I have some kind of squash! First time used some compost. I have a closed bin which possibly has zucchini seeds from the old zucchini I grew earlier this year or spaghetti squash seeds. I hardly buy any squash. So excited to see what we are getting!

Also I see a couple of tomatoes. We had a random volunteer that grew and grew and grew. It was a pear yellow cherry tomato and was very productive so these are likely from that.