About Me

I love living by the beach, hanging out with my husband and my dog and growing stuff. Growing up in England, we always grew tomatoes even when we lived in a tiny apartment. So when I moved to America, I bought a couple of those grocery store tomato plants and it took off from there. Now I can’t resist trying to grow things I have never grown before. Some from seed, some as transplants.

Even though we live in a tiny apartment, I have still managed to find space, either in containers, or in the flower beds, to grow various vegetables and fruit.

The fruit trees and vines I am keeping in pots as eventually we may move and I would hate to leave those behind.

My current collection for 2011 is as follows;

Tomatoes – (Brandywine, yellow pear, stupice, green zebra, Tiny tims, and some other varieties I got in a mix bag of seeds from eBay),

Brassicas – Kohl Rabi, Cauliflower,

Chinese Leaves – Baby Bak Choi,

Four Seasons Lettuce,

Onions – Brown, white and red,

Squash – yellow Crookneck, Round Zucchini, watermelon, yellow banana melon,  canteloupe,

Yellow Carrots,

Mary Washington Asparagus,

Peppers – Bolivian Rainbow peppers, Orange peppers

Fruit – Pink Lemonade lemon, Tango Mandarin, Tropic Prince Peach, Tropic Beauty Peach, Red Seedless Flame Grape, strawberries, Southmoon Blueberries, Sunshine Blue Blueberries, Black Satin blackberries

Globe Artichoke,

Sweet Potato,


Herbs – Basil, Dill,

Corn – popcorn, yellow corn,


I think that is it! Some are in containers, some are in the ground. Please have a look at all my photos of my current projects! hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I did! I always love browsing the internet for photos of the things I am growing so I think its equally as exciting seeing what others are growing too. Please post links to your sites too!

Thanks for looking ❤
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  1. Sarah Jumel says:

    Hi, I have two finger limes. One is probably smaller than yours as it is a seedling, the other is bigger than yours (about two and a half feet tall.) I do not have photos of either and they do not look good right now anyhow (the little one could probably be cut a bit to make a better looking tree.) What beach do you live near?

  2. Winci says:

    I’m in San Diego. My finger lime is still so sorry looking! Maybe if I ever get some new growth I will shape it 🙂

  3. George says:

    Hi, I got back from Home Depot (Escondido) about an hour ago. I was looking for some replacement little trees in order to change out the ones I planted a year ago but my horses ate (long story). I came home with a Tango Mandarine ($10) and a Tropic Prince peach (also $10). Not being familiar with these varieties I googled them and voila!, I came along to your site and all your great information. Glad to see others are working with these same trees from Home Depot. I buy “stick” tress every so often but don’t usually have much luck. They are sensitive it seems. I wish us much success with our stick trees!

    1. Winci says:

      I wish you success too! I ate my first ever homegrown peach today, it was awesome! They were a bit small but since I am growing them in a pot, I’m pretty happy with the results. Don’t forget the copper fungicide spray. It saved my little trees. I just posted pictures of my fruit so you should go check them out :). I haven’t had much luck with the tango mandarin yet. It lost all it’s leaves and grew some new ones along with some flowers. I had to spray them with Spinosad as it came with leaf miners. Good luck with your trees – Hope the horse doesn’t discover a taste for the new ones 🙂

  4. Kalidasan says:

    Hi please.
    This is kalidasan from india. Am grower and suppliers of exotic vegetables and herbs. Am looking romanesco broccoli and purple broccoli seeds please. Can you possible please.
    Best regards

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