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2013 New pink lemonade blueberry – Winter greens and flowering fruit in containers – kale, Swiss Chard, flowering peach and pink blueberries

24 Nov

Peach is not flowering so much this year. Hopefully I will get some bigger peaches as there’s fewer flowers.
Swiss chard is so colorful! I grew these along with the kale from seed.





My blueberries are flowering too. I feel like everything flowered a month early this year.



The lighter coloured leaved blueberry is a new Pink lemonade blueberry. So curious to see how these will taste.

Winter veggies

5 Nov

Not much going on in the garden recently. A few veggies here and there for tonight’s dinner. Turnip, Gailan (chinese broccoli) and a few green bell peppers.
I have been planting a bunch of seeds indoors not only save money on buying transplants, but I have a bunch of seeds that are getting old, and I keep buying more on eBay ­čÖé