3 in one pear/Asian pear from Lowes

I went to get a citrus and ended up with one of these. Quite excited. The chill hours are definitely higher than what San Diego is capable of providing for some of the grafts. I have two types of Asian pear and one Bartlett pear. Hope these work out! The housui Asian pear is already…

Banana flower

I just noticed this giant flower a few days ago and here are the daily changes! you can see the tiny bananas! I bought this tiny banana plant on amazon many years ago and it really flourished once we put it in the ground. This has been in the ground for a year an half…

Spring has sprung! April peaches.

My desert gold peach has gone insane. Producing so many peaches that I can thin fast enough and some I just can’t reach any more! I actually attempted pruning over the year I’ve had this peach tree but it’s a rather ugly shape. Partially due to the space I have given it (a small corner…

Baby figs?

My little fig tree looks so happy in his new pot!! I thought this smaller one wasn’t as content as the other plant but looks like I will get getting my first dogs this year!  I bought these off amazon or eBay….  I believe this is the violet de Bordeaux?! 

Big bunch of Blueberries! 

Here’s a good bowl of blueberries harvested 5/9/16 I also have a couple of peaches. My peach trees were damaged in the storm earlier this year so not many fruits this year.