Lotus seeds. New project!

Wish me luck! So I bought these seeds on eBay. They’re rock hard. I read you have to scar the outer shells to reveal the creamy white inner part. So I filed away for a long time on most of them, then dropped them in the water. Lets see what happens next! Keep watching! As…

Container garden Feb2013

Haven’t updated in a while as it has been kinda cold here in San Diego this winter. So everything seems extra dormant. These guys are still producing though. Blueberries shed most of its leaves and are getting ready to flower again. This one is Misty. Kept a lot of leaves. Chillies from 2012 drying out….

Tango mandarin harvest 2013

I’ve had this tree for a couple of years and have finally been eating the fruits of my labour. Taste quite sharp but still yummy.

My first homegrown asparagus!

So here’s the first guy of the season! My first year harvesting since buying the little plants a few years ago. I snapped this one off about 8 inches tall. They grow pretty quickly and once they’re ferning out they are beyond eating I believe. These ones are just little guys. Hopefully I will get…