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Other Container plants update :) Fruits and Veggies

20 Apr

Busy life means I only have time to post all my pictures. Enjoy!

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Tiny Tim Tomatoes – Vigorous Growth Photos

20 Apr

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These plants are so cute, I started a few more seeds so I’ll get a bunch of them to give away.these babies –

Having a major problem with whiteflies on these babies, for some reason they love these tiny tims…Have been spraying diligently with Neem every few days. hopefully will stop them getting out of hand. Seems to control temporarily.

More Tiny Tim tomatoes and a bit of bad news.

8 Apr

Homemade (can you tell?!) upside down tomato planter


I love this picture. Looks wrong way up but indeed it is the right way up because it is actually growing upside down! Get it?! I’ve seen pictures of some upside down plants that refuse to grow upside down and turn upwards towards the sky, and other plants that grow happily downwards towards to earth. I wonder what this little guy will do…

I wanted to get some pictures of these cuties before they got any bigger.
Here are my Tiny Tim tomatoes.


Tiny Tim tomatoes


Hard to tell but the pot is about 8inches across. These babies are going to be super cute! They are determinates so it means I’ll get a bunch of little tomatoes all ripen at the same time so I just planted a few more seeds to get the next batch going.

And here is the bad news. I want to blame my drunken neighours but let’s hope it was the wind!


Fallen Tropic Beauty Peach


Stupid wind. It is a bit blustery today. Here in San Diego right now we are getting a storm from Canada! It travelled long and far to get here but if it’s going to knock off more of my Tropic Beauty Peaches, I wish for it to leave asap! Only a few left now. This is the first loss of unripe peaches so far. I have tiny trees. We will see how many will survive and ripen.