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Carrots and Beets

8 Oct

Teeny tiny seedlings! I know you’re not supposed to grow and transfer beets and carrots but that’s what I’m doing anyway. The dry weather has made it hard to control water levels to sprout seeds so I’m doing it in a Tupperware container!

I believe transferring beets and carrots are not recommended because they end up a funny shape but these are cylindra beets and round carrots.
Hopefully I will get some sort of edible root no matter what shape 🙂




Banana plant vs vanilla.

2 Oct

I bought these at the same time! Look who’s winning!
Incase you can’t see it. The vanilla is the tiny vine in front of the banana 🙂

I am hoping for bananas in its life time 🙂 I read somewhere that bananas start flowering at 44 leaves. I have about 10. I don’t know how 30+ more leaves are gonna work with the tree in the current location. :/?