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Today’s Harvest

26 Apr

Finally harvested a large handful of radish pods. I have been nibbling them off the plants for a week or so. They are tasty. Taste just like radish but less spicy.


Radish pods on overgrown cherry belle radish




Radish Pod harvest 2011

Also harvested another handful of ripe strawberries. These were smaller than the first batch from the same plants. Here are the first ones!

Can’t buy these in the store!

The onion is the first one I pulled out. The neck was soft and the top fell over so I figured there was no point leaving it in the ground. Pretty impressed it is even this big as there were very few leaves on it. Apparently the number of leaves dictate the number of layers in the onion. My onions are from sets. The sets were about the size of garlic cloves so I did gain some net onion ­čÖé


Homegrown onion


Winci’s Winter Garden Updates

6 Jan

Just discovered how to do slideshows. Much more efficient with space when I have so many pictures.

Currently, this is what is happening in my garden including updates on container Asparagus, winter tomatoes, funny looking Romanesco Broccoli heads, sprouting broccoli (Italian; broccoli di cicco) growing in container, ginger, and other bits.

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