Flowering air plants

So pretty.  I don’t spend a lot of time caring for these, just dip them in water once every three weeks or so. 

Pitaya Dragonfruit timeline. Flower to fruit :) 

My dragon fruit cactus flowered a couple of weeks ago and now I have what looks like a fruit….    September 19th   September 22th    September 23rd.    Before opening September 25th.      The same night it opened. We attempted to play night time bumblebee and poked around at th pollen/stamen parts with a…

End of April 2014 update.

Surprisingly, my neglected garden isn’t as bountiful as it was when I tended to it more. Peaches are small, blueberries are fewer… Still, the few I get taste good. My pineapple guava is flowering once again, I think last year it didn’t do so much. And excitingly, my olive tree is flowering. The flowers are…

BLACK thumb corner. Oh the shame

I have neglected my lotus 😦 Will try again when I am done with all my studies. Seems harder to look after something besides regular plants that just require watering. Anyway, enough excuse. Here are the yuckie pictures – don’t hate me!

Rehoming growing lotus

I moved everything around a little bit as the lotus water was getting yuckie and it needed a bigger home. I found this fish bowl laying around so hopefully it will be perfect for my little lotus. Also added rocks to the vase lotus.

Fast growing lotus!

These guys grow fast! So I took this on before work. And took this one just now, nine hours later!

Lotus seeds growing already!

I’m pleasantly surprised these little guys are growing already. I was so excited to see this tiny bit of greeness emerging from one of the seeds in the water bottle experiment. I almost forgot to check out the seeds in the jar with seeding medium in it…

Lotus seeds. New project!

Wish me luck! So I bought these seeds on eBay. They’re rock hard. I read you have to scar the outer shells to reveal the creamy white inner part. So I filed away for a long time on most of them, then dropped them in the water. Lets see what happens next! Keep watching! As…