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A jar of fruit harvest. Last of the 2014 peaches

30 May

I was wondering when these were going to ripen but they ended up being crunch tasty peaches this year instead of soft ones. Which was actually awesome as they didn’t fall off and rot when neglected for a week or so 😉



Small but tasty. Definitely not tart, even hubby liked them this year. I wonder what makes them soft and juicy some years and other years like this batch….

Some thing to do with weather… I love natures variety but am sad I have to wait a whole year to sample more!

All these we’re from container trees/plants. Seems like a got fewer blueberries this year. Southmoon definitely produces tastier larger berries. Misty is tasty too but some are small but seems to have a longer fruiting season.

Here’s another batch of peaches from earlier in the week.





Another jar of paler peaches from earlier in the year. These are from the tropic prince tree. Did not taste too good. Very tart and softer. Occasional juicy one. These were falling off the tree back in April so it picked them all.


Early May Harvest. Fava beans, turnips, peaches, mustard greens and more

4 May








Nature gave me a very tasty giant strawberry but also took away my only Tango mandarin

28 Apr

Growing these in a long wooden box. Pleasantly surprised to find this giant hiding.



But unfortunately, the recent April showers must’ve knocked off my last Tango mandarin. These have been growing forever. I feel like it has taken at least six months to get the this size. Bummer I found him on the floor.
The other tiny mandarins also dropped off the tree recently.


Today’s Harvest

26 Apr

Finally harvested a large handful of radish pods. I have been nibbling them off the plants for a week or so. They are tasty. Taste just like radish but less spicy.


Radish pods on overgrown cherry belle radish




Radish Pod harvest 2011

Also harvested another handful of ripe strawberries. These were smaller than the first batch from the same plants. Here are the first ones!

Can’t buy these in the store!

The onion is the first one I pulled out. The neck was soft and the top fell over so I figured there was no point leaving it in the ground. Pretty impressed it is even this big as there were very few leaves on it. Apparently the number of leaves dictate the number of layers in the onion. My onions are from sets. The sets were about the size of garlic cloves so I did gain some net onion 🙂


Homegrown onion

Other Container plants update :) Fruits and Veggies

20 Apr

Busy life means I only have time to post all my pictures. Enjoy!

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Container tomatoes and Strawberries. Upside down and right way up!

6 Apr


First strawberry of the season starting to blush.

That funny looking bottle thing is a homemade upside down tomato planter. Trying it out as I always thought upside down planters are a bit of a gimmick and I didn’t understand the point, but also was annoyingly curious. So to satiate my curiosity, I am trying it out with a homemade bottle. Was difficult getting the poor little tomato plant into the hole and it was knocked around a bit but I am pleasantly surprised it started growing some true leaves. Cruel me decided to put the poor little thing in there just as a tiny seedling when it just had the two long starter leaves. I believe this is either a cherry variety (bought as a variety packet of tomato seeds from eBay) but it could also be a Tiny Tim tomato which would probably be more successful growing upside down I’d imagine as it would be lighter.

I found instructions on the trusty Internet to guide my DIY upside down planter. I hope it works out! I used a 1.5liter Smart water bottle…. It seemed to have more plastic in than other water bottles so I figured it will be stronger.

I can’t wait to see what happens!