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Tiny Tiny Tims!

10 Oct

Most sour black velvet blackberries and smallest tiny tim tomato!


Tiny Tims Tomatoes vining and unruly

23 Sep

Handful of Tiny Tim tomatoes - various sizes


Tiny Tims getting very long!


Tiny Tim Tomato would do well in hanging basket


Still alive! Barely

These are still producing tomatoes although I did notice they are ripening at a smaller size. They used to be regular cherry tomato size but now some of them are as small as peas!

And they make a great hanging plant but my neighbors might not appreciated them taking over the benches…

One of the pots on by my apartment door was knocked over and he really doesn’t look too healthy but still producing tomatoes.

Definitely worth growing these… Maybe next year I will stagger the planting a bit more as I got a large harvest early in the season. I have three pots of Tiny Tims. Each pot is about 7-8 inches across and has 3-6 plants in it and they all seem to be doing well. I have one stray tiny Tim plant cohabiting with a 5 gallon pot of artichoke and that one isn’t any bigger or heavier producing. So it appears it does about the same where ever it is planted. Go plant some! Now I am curious as to how they’re going to so over a San Diego ‘winter’.

Tomatoes growing in small pots

17 Jul

I love Tiny Tim tomatoes. They’re so easy to grow and quite productive from such a small pot!



Tiny Tim Tomatoes blushing

9 Jul

July 2011. Tiny Tim Tomatoes chillin' on my door step. Growing quite happily in small pots.


They’re all starting to blush!

Not as small as I expected, I read they could be as small as peas. There are regular cherry tomato sized. The leaves are definitely dwarf variety but fruit are big. Looks great in pot. Requires a bit of grooming to remove lower yellow leaves once in a while. Pinching the tops will keep plant shorter.


Tiny Tim Tomatoes. They tasted fruity and soft inside. Pretty juicy too! Tomatoes are surprisingly regular cherry tomato sized...I did buy my seeds from ebay..maybe they're not true Tiny Tims?



Tiny Tim Tomato July 2011. Tall plant growing in pot starting to recline

Container Vegetable Garden. June 2011 Photo update

16 Jun

Tiny Tim Tomatoes in container outside my door. Very cute! The toms are bigger than I though they wouldbe. Haven't had any ripened ones yet. I wonder how they will taste....

Tiny Tim Tomatoes. June 2011

Tiny Tin Tomatoes. In Target plastic pot. I grew all my tiny tims from seed...I think I planted too many!

Round Zucchini. June 2011. Growing in bucket. Grown from seed.

Crookneck Squash. Transplants from Walter Anderson. Only had these for a couple of weeks and they're taking over the bucket already.

Another Tiny Tim Tomatoes in squat terracotta pot. Flowering. June 2011

Globe Artichoke in container. June 2011

Container Globe Artichoke sideview

Container Brandywine Tomato. I grew these last year in the ground too and got the same results - only a couple of tomatoes per plant.

Heirloom Tomatoes. June 2011. boughht these from eBay as a mix bunch of seeds. Happily surprised I have some different shaped toms on the way.

Sunshine Blue Blueberries. Repotted out of boring black pot from garden store. Looks cute! June 2011

One year old avocado grown from pit, in container. June 2011

Tiny Tim’s tiny tomatoes.

23 May

They’re so dinky right now! So cute 🙂 wonder how big they will get. The plant is getting bigger. I removed some of the lower leaves as it was starting to brown. I am thinking about pinching the top off to keep the plant round and short but I always find it hard to bring myself to do that.



Tiny Tim Tomatoes’ Tiny Flowers

9 May

Tiny Tim Tomatoes - Tiny Flowers. May 2011


Tiny Tim Tomatoes - Tiny Flowers. May 2011

Look at these cute little flowers! I can’t imagine how tiny the tomatoes are going to be! Pea sized?! Or petite pois sized? We will see!

I thought there were three plants in the 7.5″ pot but there looks like there are actually four. Tight squeeze for the Tims!

The smaller 6″ pot only has one plant.


Tiny Tim Tomatoes - Tiny Flowers. May 2011. In 7.5 inch pot and 6 inch pot


Tiny Tim Tomatoes - May 2011. TOP VIEW


Tiny Tim Tomatoes - May 2011. Side View. THe 7.5 inch pot (with four plants)