Dragon fruit cactus thriving

This started off as two chunks of cactus given to me and now look at it! I had to replant in a heavy pot as it was getting so long, it fell and broke. Hopefully it will be happier in this nice pot given to me from a neighbour 🙂

2013 New Loquat tree

The big one is about 4ft tall and I bought from a store. The little one was picked out from under a neighbours loquat tree. He’s only a foot tall and I randomly planted him with my last years aubergines for now.

Elephant garlic with babies

What are these little guys? When I pulled the garlic out these looked like little offspring attached to the big bulb. Left it outside to cure and the little guys are rock hard like little seeds now. I think I’ll plant them and see what happens. I originally planted left over old garlic cloves last…