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Today’s harvest. Broccoli di cicco and one turnip

30 Mar

Turnip and Broccoli di cicco. March 2011. Chavez woud like some too...


The turnip was growing in the flowerbed within the landscaping at my apartment complex and the broccoli di cicco was harvested from two plants in containers…i used paint buckets ­čÖé
Not bad. Enough for a meal for one. How do I cook one turnip though?


Broccoli Di Cicco – Sprouting Broccoli

10 Mar

These little broccoli heads are so cute. You get one bigger one in the middle and then a bunch of slightly small broccoli sprouts on the side.

It is growing in a bucket and the plant is pretty small. Thats why this season I have planted a few more so I can get a meal out it. Highly recommend this one.

Mine grow pretty slowly, don’t know if that is normal, but taste pretty good.

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