Last Fractal Broccoli harvest

Finally chopped down all my Romanesco broccoli. Those plants were turning into trees – took up so much space with a small return foodwise. But definitely the most interesting thing I have ever grown. If I ever have more space I may try grow it again. Look how awesome it looks. I let a couple…

Winci’s Winter Garden Updates

Just discovered how to do slideshows. Much more efficient with space when I have so many pictures. Currently, this is what is happening in my garden including updates on container Asparagus, winter tomatoes, funny looking Romanesco Broccoli heads, sprouting broccoli (Italian; broccoli di cicco) growing in container, ginger, and other bits.

Romanesco Broccoli Heads. Harvest time

This didn’t end up looking like a fractal broccoli -Looks like a strange looking homegrown vegetable of some sort. I can report it taste fantastic roasted with a bit of cheese, olive oil and salt. Simple and tasty. Romanesco heads are a little over mature as it’s pretty loose but I’m glad I got a…

Heading Romanesco Fractal Broccoli…FINALLY!

Check this out! My Romanesco Broccoli have finally started heading. I had almost given up hope because it was taking up so much space. Pretty excited about these. They look so awesome. I planted them a loooooong time ago. They transplant pretty well.