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Dec 2017. Volunteers from compost and asparagus one month growth

21 Dec

So tall! Over a foot tall! Unfortunately I do not know how old these crowns are. I am going to assume one year crowns. Impulse buy 🙂

I think I have some kind of squash! First time used some compost. I have a closed bin which possibly has zucchini seeds from the old zucchini I grew earlier this year or spaghetti squash seeds. I hardly buy any squash. So excited to see what we are getting!

Also I see a couple of tomatoes. We had a random volunteer that grew and grew and grew. It was a pear yellow cherry tomato and was very productive so these are likely from that.


New home

1 Dec

So I guess I haven’t posted in a year but lots of changes this year. We bought a home so now I have a small yard!

Planting as much stuff as possible in the ground and this week, I just planted some asparagus crowns into the ground.

I first started this blog when I planted asparagus in containers so it seems fitting to start the new chapter with asparagus too!

This time they’re in the ground!

I just bought these bareroot crowns from Walter Anderson in San Diego and decided to do put them somewhere I initially wanted ornament plants.

So still a little unconventional, these asparagus are partially going to ornamental for landscaping to hide an ugly fence. The spot is narrow and mostly shaded in the winter but I am hoping I will get some sun as the seasons change.

Supposedly, it can take some shade so let’s see how it goes!

My first homegrown asparagus!

9 Feb


So here’s the first guy of the season! My first year harvesting since buying the little plants a few years ago. I snapped this one off about 8 inches tall. They grow pretty quickly and once they’re ferning out they are beyond eating I believe.



These ones are just little guys. Hopefully I will get some more as spring rolls around 🙂

Three year old Asparagus – cant wait for harvest next year

6 Aug



Super tall asparagus ferns.

26 Apr

These few spears so are growing so big and tall – they’re way over 6ft already. Lucky it is next to a fence so it doesn’t get in the way too much. Last year they were still pretty droopy ferns but as they’re getting thicker, they’re standing up more.

See how it is towering over my Fava beans!





I planted one crown with my blackberries. All these spears are from one crown only. The only container has five crowns planted together. Starting think that may be a bit crowded…. Hope I get to harvest some next year before they strangle themselves inside the pot.






Homegrown asparagus big enough to eat!

13 Mar

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My container asparagus is doing really well. If I remember correctly, they are only two year old crowns although when I bought them, they came in a six pack of tiny ferns. I assume they were grown from seed…

I haven’t done anything special to them at all, add about an inch of fresh soil and some organic fertilizer once in a while.

There are a real mix of different sized spears. This one by far is the biggest one!






2 year old Container Asparagus

20 Feb

These asparagus are almost big enough to eat! Getting a few popping up but going to let it fern out for one more year, then next year I will start harvesting! There are about five crowns in this pot. It started with six but one wasn’t doing too well last year so I pulled it out, instead of throwing it away, I planted it in with my blackberries. It seems ok in there… Gets a few stalks a season which I let fern out too.



Here is the original pot with five 2 year old crowns.



If you look closely, there is a purplish asparagus head poking out slight left and up of the center of the pic 🙂

I put some fresh potting mix on top. Maybe about and inch. I have no idea what is happening below the dirt, I haven’t repotted in over a year. I don’t think pots come any bigger than this! I wish I had few crowns in there as I am afraid they are strangling each other down there. I have kind of left the pot in the back of everything else so it can just hang out and see what happens. I have done very little maintenance besides removing the ferns when they turn brown.



These pics were from the end of the season 2011. I cut ferns off as they turn brown/yellow. It also had a bad infestation of blackish aphids late summer 2011. When the fern gets long and dangles over the side, a lot of stuff happens underneath that I don’t see and when I finally see it, it’s so severe that I end up cutting the infested stalks off and spraying like crazy with neem and oil spray. I also sometimes find snails inside the thick fern forest. This year I will try to be more diligent with those. Aphids get really bad at certain points of the year esp. if I don’t keep up the spraying. I am still learning and spotting seasonal patterns – all this will hopefully make me a more successful gardener!