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Winci’s Winter Garden Updates

6 Jan

Just discovered how to do slideshows. Much more efficient with space when I have so many pictures.

Currently, this is what is happening in my garden including updates on container Asparagus, winter tomatoes, funny looking Romanesco Broccoli heads, sprouting broccoli (Italian; broccoli di cicco) growing in container, ginger, and other bits.

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Virginia Peanuts harvest update…YUM!

11 Nov

2010 Peanut harvest. Happy to report all pods contained peanuts which means i didn't pull them up too soon

A couple of weeks ago I pulled up my peanuts – wasn’t entirely sure what to do with them so they ended up sitting outside my house for a couple of weeks. Yesterday I sorted them and decided to plant some of them again – I doubt its the right season to grow peanuts but hey, its San Diego where its sunny and around 60-70 degrees F in the winter so I’m sure it will be fine. I will post updates if anything happens.

I roasted the rest in the shell for about 15-20mins – don’t laugh, but there were not even 10 pods for roasting! But I can report, my first ever homegrown peanuts were big and very tasty! And a big tasty peanut or two inside every pod – no shriveled up nuts which apparently indicates premature harvesting.

I was going to boil them as the shells still had dirt on them so I figured I could wash then boil but the one website I read for instructions said they need to be boiled for 2 hours??! Luckily roasting in the shell did the trick – left the dirt on the shells, peanuts inside were just perfect. Hoping next year will reap a bigger harvest 🙂