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Other things growing in Containers – incl. Finger lime and Lemons

25 Feb

Since I like to take a lot of pictures, heres a big jumble of all the plants I am growing in containers at the moment.

Fingerlimes – I have had this plant for a while now and it has done absolutely nothing. Actually it started dropping a few of the shiny green leaves. This is a bit of concern. I think I hhave all the watering and soil wrong so I recently repotted it in a larger clay pot for better water control and I also used some citrus potting mix. Hopefully this will help. I also tied it to a cane to see if he can straightened up. I doubt I will be getting any fruit this year. Or next! This guy has a long way to grow. I’m sad I haven’t seen much in the way of new growth but at least I haven’t killed it yet.

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Repotting Asparagus slideshow. Pictures only, not much to report :)

25 Feb

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Last Fractal Broccoli harvest

24 Feb

Finally chopped down all my Romanesco broccoli. Those plants were turning into trees – took up so much space with a small return foodwise. But definitely the most interesting thing I have ever grown. If I ever have more space I may try grow it again. Look how awesome it looks. I let a couple plants grow out more and mature -they ended up stalky – looking and tasting more like sprouting broccoli but a lot more fibrous.

Home Depot tree update – Tropic Beauty…little baby peaches!

21 Feb

Been a long time since I posted, check out these little cuties! Those gorgeous blossoms turned into little peaches…

I had to thin them out to about every 6 inches. So Took off at least half the little peaches. Leaves me about 7 I think….Hopefully that will not be too much for the little tree.

tiny tropic beauty peach. Blossom with peach bursting out. Feb 6th 2011

Tropic Beauty Peach. Freak twins! I had to thin this one...didn't want to ruin my chances of getting nice sized peaches...although it would've been interesting to see how it would've turned out

Getting bigger already. Feb 15th 2011

Lots of new leaves too!