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11 May

A bit misleading – more just vines than grapes. My grapes are plagued with mildew every year
I’m sure they would grow if they weren’t so diseased year after year.

So here it is really trying. As with last year, it will probably lose all its leaves to mildew soon. I don’t know what to do to save it 😦





Grape trellis looking good but no signs of grapes

13 Mar

I guess I’m not going to get any grapes this year as i believe they are supposed to be popping out of the leaf axial.

Leaves look full and healthy though and hopefully I can manage the vines to wrap around the trellis this year so it will be ready for bountiful bunches of grapes next year.



Trellis Grape Vine pruning and reshaping

27 Feb


This was my container growing grapes this year so far until last week…

I saw this beautiful post about grape vines in containers and it inspired me to reshape my own grape vine.

I found a cage style support which seemed better than my home made flat trellis so I tried to be brutal and pruned my grape vines down to a few shoots. Keeping two main longer ones to reach the top ring of the new cage support.



Trellis Flame Grape bursting out of dormancy

20 Feb

I thought my grape may not have made it. Towards the end of summer, he lost all his leaves in a nasty way. Look like they just were not healthy and all slowly fell off. Other grapes in the neighbourhood appeared to be doing great and still had their leaves for a couple a months before mine had shed all of its leaves already. So I’m so happy to see all this wonderful new growth on my grape vine! And I am surprised how rapidly it is growing! My homemade trellis seems kind of small. I will build a bigger one when I get a chance. I have seen images of people shaping their grape vines into a tree shape. Now that’s an idea!

These pix are all from the last couple of weeks.







Training Red Flame Grape on Trellis

23 Jun

It may not look like it but I took a long time getting this….


Brand new flame red grape in container. I was going to leave it like this but decided to tame the vines.

To look like this….


Flame Grape on homemade trellis

I repotted to a 7 gallon tall container from it’s original 1 gallon pot. I had bought a new 10″ pot for it originally but when I saw the crazy roots in the 1gallon pot, I realized 10″ container would not be big enough. The roots looked healthy but very crowded. So hopefully the tall new container will be sufficient.

I decided to make the trellis myself which took a surprisingly long time but was most therapeutic tying all the twisty wire ties and deciding where to put each branch.

I tried to apply the same method to my Tropic Prince peach but it just doesn’t look that great 😦


Tropic Prince peach trellis -this is actually the back side of the trellised tree

I still have not attempted to prune yet… Eek! My peach trees are so crazy looking. Must do something at some point! When I bought the tropic prince, it was literally just a stick, just one branch…I am amazed at how much it has grown in the last few months.

New container fruit. Red Flame Grapes

21 Jun



I couldn’t resist. This red flame grape plant is from Home Depot. Was only $7.
I love the asymmetrical look too. Looks kind of windswept and Japanese-esque.

Now I will have to read about how to look after it!

I believe grapes usually grow on vines but the label for this plant says “bush”. So I will be busy googling today about my new plant.