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Today’s harvest. Broccoli di cicco and one turnip

30 Mar

Turnip and Broccoli di cicco. March 2011. Chavez woud like some too...


The turnip was growing in the flowerbed within the landscaping at my apartment complex and the broccoli di cicco was harvested from two plants in containers…i used paint buckets ­čÖé
Not bad. Enough for a meal for one. How do I cook one turnip though?


Container Asparagus…ALMOST big enough to eat :)

24 Mar

Getting big. Not big enough to eat. One of the crowns isn’t doing very much. Just skinny little new ferns. Wonder if I need to take action or just see what happens…hmm.

Part of me wants to cut it out (since it might be dead anyway) and plant it somewhere else in the ground maybe.

Meanwhile, I’ll just let them be.

Asparagus in container. March 2011. These are almost a year old. I got them as tiny ferns last year. This is the thickest spear I have ever seen in this pot.

Asparagus Fern March 14th 2011

Fingerlime – New Growth!

24 Mar

Finally my sad little fingerlime tree is doing something besides losing leaves.

It started dropping a few leaves a couple of months ago so I repotted it to a terracotta pot as I was probably getting too wet in a plastic one. It still dropped more leaves but check these little babies out. I’m so excited! I think I saw evidence of more new growth elsewhere on the plant but these babies are the biggest ones so far. They all happen to be growing right by the grafted point. I’d rather my plant get bushier rather than taller so that is good news.

March 2011 Australian Finger lime. Not looking too good after dropping leaves. i hope that is normal.

Finger lime. March 2011.But look closely - New growth! This is right by the grafted point.

Tropic Prince Peach

10 Mar

Photo update of my 2nd Peach tree from Home Depot.

I can’t stop buying these little trees.

So here is my newest tree – That’s if you can call it a tree…just one grafted branch.

I figured it would look like a rather funny stick with peaches growing out of it…and it was only $10. Wonder if it will produce edible fruit?

Looked so pretty with all the blossoms….

Look how much it has grown in just a month.

New Tropic Prince Peach. Jan 24th 2011. Pretty flowers

Tropic Prince Peach - Feb 5th 2011. New Leaves

Tropic Prince Peach. Feb 13th 2011. Little peaches! And tons more leaves. Looking quite healthy. I thinned down the peaches to one every 3-6 inches. So theres probbly half a dozen peaches on this tree.

Broccoli Di Cicco – Sprouting Broccoli

10 Mar

These little broccoli heads are so cute. You get one bigger one in the middle and then a bunch of slightly small broccoli sprouts on the side.

It is growing in a bucket and the plant is pretty small. Thats why this season I have planted a few more so I can get a meal out it. Highly recommend this one.

Mine grow pretty slowly, don’t know if that is normal, but taste pretty good.

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Tango Mandarin. Home Depot container tree

10 Mar

Here is an update of my Tango Mandarin tree. It’s a little sad looking; blustery winds took off a few big leaves and leaf miners destroyed all the newer leaves that came with the plant when I bought it late last year.

Luckily, it has finally started to show signs of growth… Even some signs it is flowering! That’s just awesome. Am very excited. Wish the plant looked healthier though. Only had a handful of larger leaves to start off with… Now even fewer.