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Potting up container Fruit trees. Hopefully doing it right this time!

21 Feb


Some of my container fruit trees look so sad. Even though I gave them a larger pot and fresh dirt a year ago. I had to investigate what was happening underneath the soil as I leaves kept dropping no matter what I sprayed or how much a fertilized (without over fertilizing).

When I took them out of the pots, i was sad to see some of the poor trees root were still in the shape of their previous pots ­čśŽ this meant 1)I hadn’t done it properly and/or 2) I didn’t change the pot soon enough.

I need to read up some more about potting up but I remember seeing videos about using a fork to tease out the roots do I did that. I also carefully removed the old dirt from the root ball.

I noticed some dirt was thick like dark clay, and some other parts was dry and crumbly. I don’t think thats a good sign!

Hopefully I didn’t mess too much with the roots to distress the trees too much.

Here are my two trees that had the saddest roots.







Avocado from pit keeps on growing

22 Aug

I grew this guy from a pit last year and have been pinching the tips to try to make it a small plant but currently it is two feet high and is growing really vigorously! The new growth is a browny greenish colour and then turns to the deeper green when leaves reach full size. The leaves are really big – about 20 cms… 8inches. The initial trunk branched into three separate branches and now I am pinching those so they will branch too. I will probably repot over winter. Hope he doesn’t mind being cramped for a few more months.


Pinched Avocado with three branches.


Avocado grown from Pit


Pinched Avocado with three branches and new growth - the redish brown cloloured leaves

Container Vegetable Garden. June 2011 Photo update

16 Jun

Tiny Tim Tomatoes in container outside my door. Very cute! The toms are bigger than I though they wouldbe. Haven't had any ripened ones yet. I wonder how they will taste....

Tiny Tim Tomatoes. June 2011

Tiny Tin Tomatoes. In Target plastic pot. I grew all my tiny tims from seed...I think I planted too many!

Round Zucchini. June 2011. Growing in bucket. Grown from seed.

Crookneck Squash. Transplants from Walter Anderson. Only had these for a couple of weeks and they're taking over the bucket already.

Another Tiny Tim Tomatoes in squat terracotta pot. Flowering. June 2011

Globe Artichoke in container. June 2011

Container Globe Artichoke sideview

Container Brandywine Tomato. I grew these last year in the ground too and got the same results - only a couple of tomatoes per plant.

Heirloom Tomatoes. June 2011. boughht these from eBay as a mix bunch of seeds. Happily surprised I have some different shaped toms on the way.

Sunshine Blue Blueberries. Repotted out of boring black pot from garden store. Looks cute! June 2011

One year old avocado grown from pit, in container. June 2011

Container Avocado from pit – Photo Update

18 Apr

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Pinched Avocado plant – new growth?

18 Nov

Does this look like my avocado is growing little new shoots? Because it really doesn’t seem to be doing anything since I pinched it about a month ago. The upper most leaves have grown larger. But no new shoots yet besides these nubbies (between the leaf and main stem). I am hoping with turn into nice branches.
I am starting to think I over pinched the top but at least the plant is still alive! And it is ‘fall’ officially here in San Diego even though we still get pretty sunny days… Perhaps the growth has slowed down. I have noticed this plant grows in spurts and appears to do very little after a spurt of new growth which occurred when I pinched off the top. I figured instead of using up energy for the new leaves I intended to pinch of, I could pinch them off before they got any bigger.

Nov 2010. You can see where I've pinched off on the top of this avocado plant.

Nov 2010. Tiny potential growth coming out between main stem and leaf??? (Blurry pic due to iPhone cam!)

Now looking back through my old pics, I’m not sure there has been that much growth at all. Hopefully when I get back from vacation, they will be definitely noticeably bigger.

avocado pinched.

Oct 24th 2010. Those little nubs are already there...hmmm....