Fresh homegrown peaches everyday.

I love picking a few ripe peaches everyday before work/school. Uploading pix as a record of how much I get. I guess I can count them… Or post pics of every harvest 🙂

Harvest Monday

Pulled up almost all my carrots. They’re getting stringy roots off the main carrot so probably means its done growing. something quite satisfying a out pulling up carrots, you never know how big it will be and what shape! The yellows and oranges are easy to grow. The reds are tougher. Although all my seeds…

Are these “wild” artichokes?

These are the artichokes growing next to the sidewalk on my walk to school. No one is harvesting them so I guess I’ll be able to watch them flower 🙂 Some more by the tree.

Tasty Tropic Beauty peaches

These taste SO good. They’re bigger and tastier than the Tropic Prince peaches this year. Last year was the reverse. Yum!

Miracle Fruit. Mini plant

Not sure if I have ever written about this plant. I bought it last year as a “ready to fruit” bonsai miracle fruit plant. Perhaps it was roots or grafted, I’m not sure. I bought it on eBay so who knows 😉 Anyway, it has literally done NOTHING in the six months I’ve had it….

Flowering Pineapple Guava

Flower buds are swelling and you can see a bit of colour! So exciting! Photo from a April 30th Photo from May 3rd Photo from today, May 5th. Just updated!

Nitrogen fixing Fava beans.

I decided to harvest all my Fava beans as the plants were getting unruly. When I pulled them out of the soil, I found all these bumps on the roots. “Ugh” I thought. What kinda disease is this? Root knot? Fungus? Bacterial? So I placed it in the trash pile and considered keeping some of…

Tropic Prince Peach ripe already

My little peaches are all blushing and losing all their greeness and after giving them a light squeeze, I guess they were ready for harvest. So soon. And so small! Luckily the stones were tiny, about the size of a marble. Tasted just Ok. Kinda bland. How can I make them sweeter???