2014 Tango Mandarins. First real season

I might’ve had a couple of fruit before but this year has been my most successful. Haven’t done anything different but it just looks happier. I got at least half a dozen real mandarins. Pretty tasty!

Tango mandarin harvest 2013

I’ve had this tree for a couple of years and have finally been eating the fruits of my labour. Taste quite sharp but still yummy.

Tango mandarin update

So I found an exploded mandarin today. Must be inconsistent watering. It smelled so good, the segments were juicy but very tart. Still, I can see potential! Here’s the rest of the tree. Still looking good and healthy. Can’t wait for these to ripen. Seems to be a good year for citrus, recently picked some…

Tango Mandarin. Baby fruit

My Tango Mandarin tree is looking much healthier these days. Over the winter, it pretty much lost all its leaves and the new leaves were tiny and pathetic looking. Now there are tiny fruit – which might still drop since I don’t know if the flowers were pollinated or not. But I did see many…