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Bolting Brussels Sprouts mystery

27 Nov

I am not sure what this is anymore. I thought it was a Brussels sprouts plant for sure as it looked like my other plants but look at the photo…. There are shoots coming out of the top. Kinda looks like broccoli. I have never grown broccoli before. I currently have romanesco broccoli growing but they are starting to head and definitely do not look like these guys. I read that romanesco is actually more like cauliflower and produces one head.

Or maybe this a brussels sprouts plant that is bolting? Please let me know if you know what this is!
I planted it in summer so it shouldn’t bolt in the fall as it’s a winter crop.



Two headed freaky Brussels Sprouts

23 Nov

Nov 2010. These look awesome dont they? Flowery double headed brussels sprouts head!

They say Brussels Sprouts have a long growing season…And they’re not joking!

Although this double headed freak has survived some traumas. I believe he has been moved around many times – usually because I don’t realise how big he was going to get, and planted too many too close together. The other thing that happens is that I like reorganise my veggies a few times a year and most of them are pretty forgiving. I dig my hand shovel and cut a circle of dirt around the plants, pry them up, and transplant the whole block to the new location.

I’m pretty sure I started this guy from seed almost a year ago the same time as these…..

Feb 2010. Bigger Brussels Sprouts eclipsing the smaller ones that end up becoming the double headed beast

March 2010. Getting bigger....

May 13th 2010

These were harvested back in June 2010. They already had been growing for about 6 months. Plenty of time and hogging up my valuable land space! I read that you can pinch the top of the heads to make the sprouts mature sooner. So thats what I did to all my plants and it really worked which was pretty awesome.

May 26th. Brussels Sprouts maturing. You can see the head of the plant pinched off.

So after pulling out the two biggest stalks of sprouts, I left one to mature a little more.

June 2010. After about 5-6 months of growing...tada! Home grown brussels sprouts

July 2010. And then there was one...(Brussels Sprouts on the right of the picture). Small and not so healthy looking. 2010 was a strange year weather wise in San Diego. July is summer but we had cooler weather with a lot of gloomy days and fog. Romanesco on the right of the pic ­čÖé

Greetings from my little corner of the world!

21 Oct

Beets growing in container. Toys I found around the beach

Welcome to my little garden space! I rent a small apartment by the beach in San Diego and have been slowly encroaching on the flowerbeds around the complex with my vegetables. The birds of paradise and palm trees do not seem to mind sharing a bit of space with celery, tomato, Brussels sprouts and other edibles.

There isn’t any real plan for my garden or what I grow; I just buy and plant whatever I like and wherever I can fit it in! So its all a big experiment.

There are some ‘staple’ crops – such as tomatoes and corn but i like to try different varietals every season. This year has been a little too experimental perhaps – I haven’t harvested many tomatoes at all – now I understand why heirloom tomatoes are so expensive to buy!

I tried many new vegetables in 2010 which I have never planted before. My fave incl. Brussels sprouts and popcorn. These were easy to grow from seed and the harvest was reasonably substantial – enough for a meal! That’s always a bonus! You really have no idea of the vast amount of labour and resources it takes to grow food until you attempt to grow some yourself.┬á And when you are able to harvest your own food, you truly appreciate the work it has gone into it – from watering to nurturing and even the plants own efforts to producing a juicy fruit, or a crispy fresh green leaf or even a tasty starchy tuber (mmmm french fries!). Its amazing to watch your food grow and see where it comes from. I highly recommend it!

First time growing these! Picked off head to help sprouts mature sooner