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Soy Beans in the winter?

12 Dec

Being the impatient gardener I am, and have very little action over winter in San Diego, I decided plant some edamame seeds. Aka, soy beans.

These are a week old and I am germinating them in the house on a windowsill. I may keep them indoors for as long as possible as even though we have mild winters in San Diego, I think they will have a better chance indoors until they outgrow the pots. The packet suggests to wait until soil is 60 degrees and days are 70 degrees. Usually winter here is about 60s.

These guys are a week old and germinated very quickly.





Pink lemonade little lemons

11 Dec

I have had this little pink lemonade tree for a year and I haven’t had any luck with any fruit yet. It produces some very fragrant white flowers that attract many bees but all the little lemons seem to drop after a few weeks. These little guys are the biggest ones I have ever had. Hopefully they will ripen to full size. They grow very slowly and since I have never grown any citrus before, I am not sure if this is normal. 20111211-093043.jpg