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Bolivian Rainbow Peppers

26 May

These are pretty cool… As the tiny peppers grow, they change colour.
I bought these seeds from eBay and managed to get 100% germination rate. Since I only bought 5 seeds. That is an amazing result.

Sometimes I get a little cocky living in San Diego. Because of the awesome weather and mild winters, I actually started growing these in winter last year. They were doing ok in the house but when I moved them outside, they didn’t really grow until a couple of months ago. But here they are now – growing noticeably quicker and been flowering.



Southmoon Blueberries

26 May

My lovely husband bought me some blueberry plants! Amazingly I do not already own one of these. Now I have two!
They recommended buying two to pollinate each other for better crop so I have this one which is already fruiting, and I also have a Sunshine Blue Blueberry plant which is in a 1 gallon pot.



The Southmoon is producing very tasty, large berries. It’s so good! Makes me wonder why I haven’t been growing these for longer!
The other plant is still young and isn’t flowering yet so probably will not get anything from it this year.
There are still bunches of unripe berries on the Southmoon.



Sorry about the terrible pic quality, I had a handful of blueberries I wanted to go eat!

I did some research on Southmoon and I found out it needs 500 chill hours. There is no way I get that many here in San Diego but I also read people living in San Diego reporting good results. The garden store hubby purchased my new babies from is a small reputable local shop, so I hope they will only sell appropriate varieties for local climates. I’m sure it’s fine but even the care label on the plant says 500 chill hours…

Tango Mandarin. Baby fruit

23 May

My Tango Mandarin tree is looking much healthier these days. Over the winter, it pretty much lost all its leaves and the new leaves were tiny and pathetic looking.
Now there are tiny fruit – which might still drop since I don’t know if the flowers were pollinated or not. But I did see many bees visiting my little tree after I moved it to ground level. I guess not many bees visit the second floor often!


Tango Mandarin growing in a pot - baby fruit

The pic above from from about a month ago.
This one below is from about a week ago.



Tiny Tim’s tiny tomatoes.

23 May

They’re so dinky right now! So cute 🙂 wonder how big they will get. The plant is getting bigger. I removed some of the lower leaves as it was starting to brown. I am thinking about pinching the top off to keep the plant round and short but I always find it hard to bring myself to do that.



All Peaches gone! See you again next year!

19 May


I have finally picked all my fruits from my little Tropic Beauty Peach tree. These ones were almost as big as the ones you can buy in the store!
I think I like the flavour of the Tropic Prince Peach better. It had a melting texture with a tarter taste. The tropic beauty was yummy too but over ripe on one side of the fruit, and a little crunchy on the other.

You can see a little cracking on the fruit as when I picked it, the end was so soft my finger squashed it a bit but I was surprised to find the stem end still a bit hard.

Tropic Beauty is definitely semi- cling stone. Now I know what that means. 🙂
Before any of my fruit were ripe, I half expected there to be a giant stone in the middle of them and very little fruit – glad to say I am pleasantly surprised there was much more than a couple of bites to each peach. This is one of my most satisfying gardening moments – harvesting my own homegrown peaches within a year of owning these tiny trees.

I can’t wait til next year! Hopefully my trees will recover from the bacterial spot and produce even more fruit.

Tropic Beauty Peach. Fruit still growing

9 May

Tropic Beauty Peach container tree. May 2011. Almost ripe

One  of my Tropic Beauty peaches felt soft enough to eat so I picked it and I am sorry say, it was no way as tasty as the Tropic Prince peaches.

It just wasn’t as flavorful and the texture wasn’t like the tropic Prince where it was super juicy and just melted in my mouth. Maybe it wasn’t ripe enough? Or maybe the truth is, I just like the Tropic Prince much more. I was not expecting a different flavour to be honest!

It looks like I have four peaches left on the tree. They feel rock hard so I’ll just wait and hope they taste better.
On the positive – Good to report they are getting big! AND This tree is way healthier than the the Tropic Prince and looks great.


Tropic Beauty Peach. Big fruit!


Tropic Beauty Peach tree. Different angle. You can see all four peaches left on the tree


Tropic Prince Peach. So tasty! No peaches left though!

Tiny Tim Tomatoes’ Tiny Flowers

9 May

Tiny Tim Tomatoes - Tiny Flowers. May 2011


Tiny Tim Tomatoes - Tiny Flowers. May 2011

Look at these cute little flowers! I can’t imagine how tiny the tomatoes are going to be! Pea sized?! Or petite pois sized? We will see!

I thought there were three plants in the 7.5″ pot but there looks like there are actually four. Tight squeeze for the Tims!

The smaller 6″ pot only has one plant.


Tiny Tim Tomatoes - Tiny Flowers. May 2011. In 7.5 inch pot and 6 inch pot


Tiny Tim Tomatoes - May 2011. TOP VIEW


Tiny Tim Tomatoes - May 2011. Side View. THe 7.5 inch pot (with four plants)