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Squash bucket!

27 Jun



These plants are loving this bucket. Leaves getting bigger everyday! Instead of potting mix, I used a compost mix not specifically for container plants.

This pic above is a week earlier.

And this pic is from the 8th June. Only 19 days ago! Growing so quickly!


Training Red Flame Grape on Trellis

23 Jun

It may not look like it but I took a long time getting this….


Brand new flame red grape in container. I was going to leave it like this but decided to tame the vines.

To look like this….


Flame Grape on homemade trellis

I repotted to a 7 gallon tall container from it’s original 1 gallon pot. I had bought a new 10″ pot for it originally but when I saw the crazy roots in the 1gallon pot, I realized 10″ container would not be big enough. The roots looked healthy but very crowded. So hopefully the tall new container will be sufficient.

I decided to make the trellis myself which took a surprisingly long time but was most therapeutic tying all the twisty wire ties and deciding where to put each branch.

I tried to apply the same method to my Tropic Prince peach but it just doesn’t look that great 😦


Tropic Prince peach trellis -this is actually the back side of the trellised tree

I still have not attempted to prune yet… Eek! My peach trees are so crazy looking. Must do something at some point! When I bought the tropic prince, it was literally just a stick, just one branch…I am amazed at how much it has grown in the last few months.

New container fruit. Red Flame Grapes

21 Jun



I couldn’t resist. This red flame grape plant is from Home Depot. Was only $7.
I love the asymmetrical look too. Looks kind of windswept and Japanese-esque.

Now I will have to read about how to look after it!

I believe grapes usually grow on vines but the label for this plant says “bush”. So I will be busy googling today about my new plant.

Container Asparagus loves the Sun

21 Jun

My potted asparagus thriving in the sun.


I had to move my asparagus from my apartment door step to somewhere sunny as during the summer, I do not get much sun right outside my west facing door, which is good for keeping the apartment cool, but not so good for the plants.

So this giant pot is hiding in the landscaping downstairs… I doubt anyone would try to take it as to be honest… The crazy asparagus fern hair isn’t that attractive.

It seems to enjoying the extra sunshine hours. I wish I got some pix of the new spears coming out before they ferned out to show just how close to edible size they are! I’m sure next year I will be harvesting my own edible spears. Exciting!



My potted asparagus thriving in the sun. New spears ferning out



My potted asparagus thriving in the sun. New spears ferning out


Container Vegetable Garden. June 2011 Photo update

16 Jun

Tiny Tim Tomatoes in container outside my door. Very cute! The toms are bigger than I though they wouldbe. Haven't had any ripened ones yet. I wonder how they will taste....

Tiny Tim Tomatoes. June 2011

Tiny Tin Tomatoes. In Target plastic pot. I grew all my tiny tims from seed...I think I planted too many!

Round Zucchini. June 2011. Growing in bucket. Grown from seed.

Crookneck Squash. Transplants from Walter Anderson. Only had these for a couple of weeks and they're taking over the bucket already.

Another Tiny Tim Tomatoes in squat terracotta pot. Flowering. June 2011

Globe Artichoke in container. June 2011

Container Globe Artichoke sideview

Container Brandywine Tomato. I grew these last year in the ground too and got the same results - only a couple of tomatoes per plant.

Heirloom Tomatoes. June 2011. boughht these from eBay as a mix bunch of seeds. Happily surprised I have some different shaped toms on the way.

Sunshine Blue Blueberries. Repotted out of boring black pot from garden store. Looks cute! June 2011

One year old avocado grown from pit, in container. June 2011

Turnips and Onions. Photos only

16 Jun

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Tonight’s dinner harvest. Onions, garlic and Stupice tomatoes

10 Jun

Stupice Tomato growing in a container. June 2011


A ripening bunch of stupice tomatoes. June 2011

My container Stupice is growing like CRAZY. Its so easy to grow and produces so many tomatoes its great! And as you can see, I am growing it in a reasonably small pot. But it keeps on producing! I started these from seed back in January as its cold tolerant but it seems to be my most reliable tomato right now.Earlier in the season, I would only get a small handful of tiny cherry sized tomatoes but they’re growing bigger and pumper now.

I also noticed it better to pick them when they are slightly green as once they’re red, they get a bit mushy. So along with my tomatoes, I also plucked an onion. I planted my onion sets in January which was a loooooong time ago and have been waiting patiently for the leaves to brown and “fall over” but it just hasn’t happened, so I’m just going to harvest as and when I need them as I am concerned I’m going to end up with 50 onions in late summer or fall…how will I ever eat them all!
I bought a pint of mixed onion sets and I noticed that some onions all started to product a flower stalk. Bummer, I believe they’re not supposed to flower…BUT luckily it just seems to be the red onions that are flowering. They still produce a small sized bulb and the tops can be used as green onions so definitely no waste here.


White onion and stupice tomatoes. Notice how the tomatoes are all different sized!


Garlic harvest drying outside the house. The biggest one was actually grown in a bucket.


A few weeks later, my glarlic dried and I braided the leaves. I wish I had grown more of them!

It was very exciting eating a dinner made from mostly home grown stuff. Even my husband was impressed 🙂 Homegrown onions, garlic and tomato make a perfect sauce! Yum!