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Moth control.

16 Nov

We currently have kitchen moths. Bought some moth traps which seems to do the job.
Here’s how Chavez helps out with the moth issue.



Harvest time! Sweet potato from a bucket!

12 Nov



I’m so excited about these! I wasn’t expecting much as all I did was bury the eyes of a sprouting organic sweet potato I had in the kitchen into the bucket and many months later, I get these!


I rinsed and scrubbed them, then roasted them. So delicious. There was barely any “skin” on them. Light scrubbing removed the outer red membrane revealing a beautiful orange flesh.



Highly recommend trying to grow in this method! I didn’t actually turn out the bucket and instead just felt around with my hands and pulled out the bigger tubers. There are still many in there and the bottom of the bucket felt like a big tangle of tubers which wouldn’t budge so I left them down there until I need them. I also took a couple of smaller sprouting tubers out and put then in another bucket. Will see what happens next year. I have tried to grow potatoes in buckets before but with no success. There appears to be a potato sprouting out from this bucket too which I have no recollection in planting so it’s either left over from my previous attempt. OR it is possible I cut some eyes off a potato from the kitchen.