Harvest meal. Thai chicken Basil/Eggplant

Homegrown meals are the best! Although these eggplants are pretty small, they weren’t apparently getting any bigger and I have made the mistake of waiting too long before until they were dry, seedy and not good too eat. I only had to add chicken to these ingredients to complete the dish and served with it…

Container Eggplants. Different size and shapes.

The spikey one was sold as a Hmong eggplant but when I googled Hmong eggplant, I was surprised to discover it is actually a squat red fruit….mine are not red and squat! To be honest, I’m quite relieved as I wouldn’t know how to cook the Hmong ones!

Homegrown Edamame!

Certainly not a bumper crop, I don’t think my soil conditions are ideal but tasted just like real soy beans. Pretty awesome 🙂