Sad day. Someone stole two of my plants :(

I woke up Sunday morning to find two of my plants missing. One was a grapefruit plant I grew from seed a couple of years ago and the other is a baby mystery palm tree I found growing a year ago growing in the dirt. I’m sad I lost two plants which are a little…

First ever homegrown Crookneck squash

We don’t really have these in England. I don’t really know why as they’re as tasty as zucchinis, (which are actually called “Courgettes” in the U.K). I had to pick this guy as I noticed the plant wasn’t producing any new fruit – within a couple of days I started seeing female flowers again. This…

Tiny Tim Tomatoes blushing

  They’re all starting to blush! Not as small as I expected, I read they could be as small as peas. There are regular cherry tomato sized. The leaves are definitely dwarf variety but fruit are big. Looks great in pot. Requires a bit of grooming to remove lower yellow leaves once in a while….

Squash bucket update

My first crookneck squash. I hand pollinated just in case the bees were taking a nap. I took one of the male flowers with the pollen, took all the yellow petals off and dipped it into the female open flower.

Bucket of Sweet Potato

So what happens when you leave a sweet potato in the kitchen too long? It turns into this!   I cut the eyes off and planted them in this bucket a month or so ago. It appears they are really enjoying the environment and thriving. Unlike regular potatoes, I am surprised to discover they actually…

First few little Bolivian Rainbow Peppers

Here are my first little peppers for the season. They’re tiny and purple right now. Wonder what colour comes next? The leaves have sulfur spray on them so there is some white residue on the leaves.

Ingenious Water Genie

I just found the most amazing thing at Home Depot! And it was on sale for only ten bucks from $20. It is still worth the buy for $20 for sure. This is the first “as seen on tv” thing I have ever bought and I’m glad to report it works fantastically. The hose automatically…