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Sad day. Someone stole two of my plants :(

18 Jul

I woke up Sunday morning to find two of my plants missing. One was a grapefruit plant I grew from seed a couple of years ago and the other is a baby mystery palm tree I found growing a year ago growing in the dirt.

I’m sad I lost two plants which are a little special to me and probably no one else.

I think would rather have lost some of the annuals than my little tiny perennials as I have seeds for most of my veggies and those are replaceable.

They weren’t even in nice pots of anything… So fucked up.

I hope they don’t come back for more.

The weird thing is, I have many pots downstairs with all sorts of plants and the cheeky fucker actually stole the two RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DOOR! I also have a string of little fairy lights that I wrapped around my plants outside my door as a little preventive for anyone to just pick them up and go… Obviously that didn’t work as they carefully unwrapped the wires without my usually sensitive dog knowing!

Total BS! grrrr I hate thieves !


Tomatoes growing in small pots

17 Jul

I love Tiny Tim tomatoes. They’re so easy to grow and quite productive from such a small pot!



Baby Tango Mandarins growing incredibly slowly

15 Jul

Baby Tango Mandarin Fruit!





Baby Tango Mandarin Fruit!


First ever homegrown Crookneck squash

15 Jul

We don’t really have these in England. I don’t really know why as they’re as tasty as zucchinis, (which are actually called “Courgettes” in the U.K).

I had to pick this guy as I noticed the plant wasn’t producing any new fruit – within a couple of days I started seeing female flowers again. This morning I hand pollinated three flowers. I was in a bit of a rush but hopefully I transferred enough pollen for the bugs to finish the job.





I also grew round zucchinis in a bucket but I only had one fruit which ended up way too mature to eat. The skin was hard and there were so many seeds inside – what a waste! Now I know to harvest earlier so all my water efforts aren’t wasted.
Look how cute this guy was! Shame he didn’t taste very good.


Tiny Tim Tomatoes blushing

9 Jul

July 2011. Tiny Tim Tomatoes chillin' on my door step. Growing quite happily in small pots.


They’re all starting to blush!

Not as small as I expected, I read they could be as small as peas. There are regular cherry tomato sized. The leaves are definitely dwarf variety but fruit are big. Looks great in pot. Requires a bit of grooming to remove lower yellow leaves once in a while. Pinching the tops will keep plant shorter.


Tiny Tim Tomatoes. They tasted fruity and soft inside. Pretty juicy too! Tomatoes are surprisingly regular cherry tomato sized...I did buy my seeds from ebay..maybe they're not true Tiny Tims?



Tiny Tim Tomato July 2011. Tall plant growing in pot starting to recline

Squash bucket update

9 Jul

My first crookneck squash. I hand pollinated just in case the bees were taking a nap. I took one of the male flowers with the pollen, took all the yellow petals off and dipped it into the female open flower.



Bucket of Sweet Potato

7 Jul

So what happens when you leave a sweet potato in the kitchen too long? It turns into this!


Sweet Potato growing in bucket!


I cut the eyes off and planted them in this bucket a month or so ago. It appears they are really enjoying the environment and thriving. Unlike regular potatoes, I am surprised to discover they actually grow vines. So we will see where this crawling potato ends up.

I have previously tried to plant sweet potato before but the leaves always succumb to some kind of fungus or mildew. Living by the beach has it’s perks but sometimes we get a lot of dew and moisture. This year I am trying to be more diligent about spraying fungicide. I used sulphur power last year, but lost many plants anyway. The sulphur powder might work a little but it sure looks ugly on my plants. I’m sure the neighbors wonder what it could be. So this year I bought some copper concentrate instead so I can spray my plants on the underside of the leaves. The copper fungicide spray is a beautiful bright blue color. Looks beautiful and doesn’t really leave too much colour on the leaves.

Here are the most recent photos.