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Vegetable planter :) wow!

20 Apr

Feb 14th 2017

April 1st above! Still so neat! I just added the trellis for the tomatoes since I don’t have a cage.

And this below is April 19th. Only 18 days from when I put the trellis in and now you can barely see it! Growth is insane!

The squash is turning into a beast!! I tried to space them out but it looked so sparse in the beginning… and when you buy six packs… 😊😊😂

The front row are beets and shallots.

Then red bell peppers which do not seem happy at all, next up broccolini is I have harvest twice from already.

Next up tomatoes then zucchini.

Also a volunteer possibly spaghetti squash.

So I set up drip irrigation which runs 20 mins every day. It still needs adjusting – Any tips for drip irrigation settings will be greatly appreciated! 🤗


April asparagus strip.

20 Apr

So these guys are getting a little more sun. I haven’t picked any as they’re super thin. Anyone ever grow them in a strip before? Initially I planted these here due to the ugly fence I wanted to hide but we ended up rebuilding a beautiful fence!

Here’s the before bad after fence…. /during 🙂

April Corn patch. Possible three sisters…

19 Apr

So here’s my tiny corn patch. I actually planted more but these were the only ones that grew so I sectioned them all together.

I just found some old peas seeds so I put them in too so hopefully they will grow and climb on the corn.

I also have a compost volunteer creeping out from the vegetable planter…. I believe it is a spaghetti squash as that’s the only squash I really eat. If it creeps enough it can finish off the 3 sisters of corn, squash and beans/peas!

Here is another volunteer squash hanging out in the asparagus strip.

these guys are survivors. I only put a small amount of compost in the bottom of my veggie planter and these grew all over. A lot I just had to put out and their stems would be almost 10 inches long underground!

Dec 2017. Volunteers from compost and asparagus one month growth

21 Dec

So tall! Over a foot tall! Unfortunately I do not know how old these crowns are. I am going to assume one year crowns. Impulse buy 🙂

I think I have some kind of squash! First time used some compost. I have a closed bin which possibly has zucchini seeds from the old zucchini I grew earlier this year or spaghetti squash seeds. I hardly buy any squash. So excited to see what we are getting!

Also I see a couple of tomatoes. We had a random volunteer that grew and grew and grew. It was a pear yellow cherry tomato and was very productive so these are likely from that.

Spaghetti Squash succumb to proceed mildew :(

18 May

Here’s what I got! Unfortunately may grey has brought too much dewy foggy weather. 
Wonder how much flesh are in these little ones… Some are still soft skinned. So hopefully they will harden up?! 

Spaghetti squash babies getting bigger! 

23 Apr

I’m always surprised how quickly they grow! Only pollinated a week ago and now I have 4 little mini squashes! I am not sure which pits they’re coming out of, I have three pots each with two plants.. Hopefully each plant will bear at least one squash. 

Pollinated spaghetti squash!

20 Apr

There are at least three babies growing 🙂 I hand pollinated them early in the morning earlier this week. I hope they make it! Considering I hav 6 plants, hopefully I can have at least 6 squashes…