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Sour Blackberries.

23 Sep

These berries are so plum and big. Makes me happy seeing them but not so happy eating them! They’re so sour!

I actually worked out they taste so much better then they’re super ripe and juicy. But harder to pick as they collapse in your fingers and juice gets everywhere. But must resist picking early even when it looks dark black and dull as some websites suggested… I wait even longer until they’re squishy. Then they’re edible with out making me cringe at the sourness!


Fresh black satin thornless blackberries



Ripe black satin thornless blackberries



Blackberries unexpectedly fruiting this year

22 Aug

Primocane thornless blackberries fruiting first year??!



Pretty cool!


Sharing the container with the blackberry….


An Asparagus crown that wasn't doing too well in another pot but seems to be thriving here with the blackberries


Unruly Asparagus forest in a pot!

24 Apr

So it’s a sunny Sunday which typically means I go check on all my green babies to see what improvements I can make and what I can move around and repot etc

I noticed asparagus is getting kind of wild. The pot is outside my door and taking up half the walkway so I try to keep the ferns pushed back. The pot is only about 17 inched across and 14 inches deep. I finally measured it.





I tried using garden ties to neaten it all up but it really is uncontrollable as some are thicker and want to grow straight up and others want to flop over.
So I’m just going to let is be!

Check out these close ups of the new baby asparagus popping up. These are Mary Washington’s, I don’t remember seeing a purple tinge last year but some of them this year slightly purple.





There were six plants in there but one was laying dormant for too long while all the other crowns were doing so well. So I decided he was dead. I stuck my hand in the dirt to reach for him and just pulled the crown out. Instead of discarding it, I buried it in another giant plastic container where my blackberries are growing and it finally started growing again!



I’m not really sure if they will make good companion plants but I am very short of space so hope it works out. I bought the blackberry as a bareroot a few months ago from a local San Diego garden store and it seems to be doing well. This container is huge storage box from Target. I drilled holes underneath of course ­čÖé There is also 1 bareroot strawberry growing in there too. I bought two packets of bareroot strawberries from Home Depot – obviously I’m not very good with planting those as I only got one plant from 20 crowns!


Other Container plants update :) Fruits and Veggies

20 Apr

Busy life means I only have time to post all my pictures. Enjoy!

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Other things growing in Containers – incl. Finger lime and Lemons

25 Feb

Since I like to take a lot of pictures, heres a big jumble of all the plants I am growing in containers at the moment.

Fingerlimes – I have had this plant for a while now and it has done absolutely nothing. Actually it started dropping a few of the shiny green leaves. This is a bit of concern. I think I hhave all the watering and soil wrong so I recently repotted it in a larger clay pot for better water control and I also used some citrus potting mix. Hopefully this will help. I also tied it to a cane to see if he can straightened up. I doubt I will be getting any fruit this year. Or next! This guy has a long way to grow. I’m sad I haven’t seen much in the way of new growth but at least I haven’t killed it yet.

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