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Last years plants that survived mild San Diego winter.

20 Jun

The rainbow peppers and cherry peppers are coming on three years old! But they don’t look as healthy as the second year plants. Some of these eggplants I only just noticed as I was snapping ­čÖé













Small but colourful September harvest

2 Oct

The onions have been curing for a while, I just couldn’t decided what to do with them so finally putting them in the fridge.

Besides onions, there are some cherry bell peppers from a plant that survived from last year, some jalape├▒o chili peppers, tomatoes, lemons and tiny eggplants I decided to harvest early.



Today’s harvest. August Ratatouille or eggplant cacciatore?

20 Aug


Harvest meal. Thai chicken Basil/Eggplant

10 Aug

Homegrown meals are the best!

Although these eggplants are pretty small, they weren’t apparently getting any bigger and I have made the mistake of waiting too long before until they were dry, seedy and not good too eat.

I only had to add chicken to these ingredients to complete the dish and served with it with quinoa. Yum!

Hopefully I will get many more eggplants this season!



August Update – Other things growing in the edible garden….

6 Aug










Bolivian Rainbow peppers chili oil

8 Jan

Bolivian Rainbow Peppers Nov 2011

These little firey peppers stayed on the the plant until they all turned red and started getting wrinkly before I realized I should do something with them.

As i had a big handful of homegrown peppers and no immediate use for them, I decided to make chili oil as they were too spice to add to food and this way I can enjoy their heat when every I want without worry about them going bad.

All I did was heat up some grapeseed oil in a pan, removed the stalks from the peppers, put the peppers in the hot oil for about/less than a minute. Waited for it to cool down, poured oil and peppers back into the bottle, and let it sit with the lid loosely replaced.

I did this a month ago and I think the oil is supposed to turn reddish but mine just has a small tint of red. It’s super hot already so I usually add it to homemade pizza or stir frys.

I probably used one cup of slightly dry whole peppers with two cups of oil. Maybe I will add more oil as more heat is released from the peppers. Wherever I got the recipe for the chili oil, I vaguely remember it saying to leave it to infuse for three months.


Grapeseed Oil from Trader Joes - I used this as it is good for high heat so I can cook with it. Olive Oil tends to smoke and burn.


Bolivian Rainbow Peppers Chili Oil


Bolivian Rainbow Peppers Chili Oil - Close up of chillis

Incredibly HOT rainbow peppers

22 Aug

I read that the rainbow peppers were pretty tasteless and people grew them for the decorative value. Which is probably why I grew them too, just novelty and curiosity value.

I put three TINY peppers – two red ( they were size of tiny peas), and one purple pepper ( about half an inch long) into a pasta dish recently. I didn’t even bother cutting them up and threw them in whole. BAD IDEA!

I was on fire just from eating the little guys which so so tiny I didn’t even see them in my meal. Luckily I found the purple on and just stabbed him with my fork to put him aside… Even the juices on my fork made EVERYTHING I ate really spicy. These little suckers have serious heat. I love spicy hot food but these are so unbelievable hot. I could probably just use one half and inch pepper to spice up my entire dish.

So if anyone wants seeds, let me know! I can send anyone a whole pepper who is interested or curious! They grow REALLY easily – I bought six seeds on eBay and they all germinated over winter here in San Diego and kept growing over summer.


Bolivian Rainbow Peppers


Bolivian Rainbow Peppers. Mostly purple so far


Bolivian Rainbow Peppers. They're SUPER hot! Watch out!