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Dinosaur kale and Spaghetti squash in containers?

6 Mar

We will see if this works! Recently got some new seedlings from Walter Andersen and even though I have tried growing squash many times with small success, spaghetti squash is currently my new fave squash. So I couldn’t resist trying…. 
It’s $3 of fun for a possibly successful experiment! A single spaghetti squash is $3 anyway so we will see!! 
Here’s the dinosaur kale… I believe it’s also known as lacinto kale??
Need some more fresh dirt for my containers to house these!


Dragon fruit flower buds!! After so many years! 

8 Sep

I just noticed these little buds for the first time. This guy came from one cutting. Growing totally out of control but has taken at least 3 years to get this far. Can’t wait to see some beautiful flowers and hopefully some fruit.  There are 4 little buds off the longest arm of the plant. Also planted some veggie seeds today – cauliflower, kale, sprouting broccoli, beets, coriander and carrots. My seeds are at least two years old so I don’t know if anything will happen. 


Some other photos from a May and June – peaches, blueberries, tomatoes 

24 Jun


Peaches 2015. 

6 May


Blueberries 2015

6 May

A nice big glass of homegrown blueberries! These never fail to produce tasty blueberries every year. I have two bigger plants and one little pink lemonade blueberries. The little plant only has a few blueberries but is doing better than last year. I have only had it for a year so it’s an improvement. 

Tomatoes 2015. 

6 May

All from Home Depot. I cheated as growing from seed takes too long. I bought a variety six pack – half dozen cherry toms and half dozen regular toms. Here’s the first of the cuties –  


What kind of tomatoes are these?

31 Jul

So my neighbours are wondering what these are 🙂 to be honest I’m not sure what kinda they are but they look cool!



I checked my emails and these appear to be Cassidy’s folly heirloom tomatoes.
Look at this little fish! 🙂