July update. Olives, goji berries and ugly fairy tale eggplant

My little goji berry twig from eBay had started flowering. Can’t wait for some little berries. It’s quite twiggy looking so I transferred it to a bigger hanging pot. Looks better already. Probably shouldn’t repot whilst it’s flowering but it looks kinda hardy. Let’s hope I’m right! Here’s my little olive tree. Lots of leaves….

Harvest meal. Thai chicken Basil/Eggplant

Homegrown meals are the best! Although these eggplants are pretty small, they weren’t apparently getting any bigger and I have made the mistake of waiting too long before until they were dry, seedy and not good too eat. I only had to add chicken to these ingredients to complete the dish and served with it…

Container Eggplants. Different size and shapes.

The spikey one was sold as a Hmong eggplant but when I googled Hmong eggplant, I was surprised to discover it is actually a squat red fruit….mine are not red and squat! To be honest, I’m quite relieved as I wouldn’t know how to cook the Hmong ones!