Container tomatoes and Strawberries. Upside down and right way up!


First strawberry of the season starting to blush.

That funny looking bottle thing is a homemade upside down tomato planter. Trying it out as I always thought upside down planters are a bit of a gimmick and I didn’t understand the point, but also was annoyingly curious. So to satiate my curiosity, I am trying it out with a homemade bottle. Was difficult getting the poor little tomato plant into the hole and it was knocked around a bit but I am pleasantly surprised it started growing some true leaves. Cruel me decided to put the poor little thing in there just as a tiny seedling when it just had the two long starter leaves. I believe this is either a cherry variety (bought as a variety packet of tomato seeds from eBay) but it could also be a Tiny Tim tomato which would probably be more successful growing upside down I’d imagine as it would be lighter.

I found instructions on the trusty Internet to guide my DIY upside down planter. I hope it works out! I used a 1.5liter Smart water bottle…. It seemed to have more plastic in than other water bottles so I figured it will be stronger.

I can’t wait to see what happens!


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