2010 Year of Fruit trees pt 1 – Australian Finger limes

I have been playing around with growing different kinds of vegetables for a few years now and recently decided to purchase a finger lime tree from eBay. Mainly for novelty value as finger limes look like the craziest citrus around and eBay is a good way of getting hold of uncommon seeds and plants. This is the first plant I have ever purchased on eBay – it arrived in good condition and I  gave it a week to rest before repotting.

Finger Lime in its new home

It seems to be doing well. By that, I mean it’s still alive and green! Although there is no new growth yet and definitely cannot see any fruit production for a while so this one is definitely in it for the long haul.

Close up Grafted Australian Finger lime plant. As you can see, my finger lime plant has a long way to grow. The leaves are tiny with tiny thorns - it is grafted a little lopsided. Not the best looking plant in the world but the limes should be interesting.

I bought the plant early Oct 2010 and so I have had it for a month.

This is Larry’s Orchids description on eBay:

Australian Finger Lime (Microcitrus australasica)

9-15 inches tall

Patio/Container Grafted Tree

At Last! Full Sized, Named Edible Citrus can be grown anywhere inside or out of doors in a sunny location, even in a container as long as the temperature is between 55F and 85F. This innovative plant product allows almost anyone to raise their own citrus tree indoors or out and get full size edible fruit. The most difficult part of raising a citrus tree is developing the rootstock seedling and grafting the select citrus tree unto it. There is a lot of horticulture tied up in producing it.  It takes nearly 6 months to produce the grafted tree. Each named select citrus tree is grafted onto a high quality rootstock, which was grown from certified seed. The seed was germinated and hand transplanted into a 1″ x 8″ plastic cone. (See second photo) It takes 3-4 months to grow the seedling rootstock large enough for the bud grafting.  Our select named Patio/Container Citrus Trees have already been grafted to the rootstock and are now growing as one. They have been transplanted out of the cone into 4-inch pots and are 9-15 inches tall and branched. Complete, easy growing instructions for container Grafted Citrus included with order.

The easiest and surest way to avoid potential freeze injury to citrus plants is by planting trees in containers that can be rolled indoors at the onset of adverse weather. This citrus will quickly grow to a height of 3 to 4 feet when grown as a container plant. The size of the plant is determined by the size of the pot.  These trees will happily spend their entire life in containers indoors year round.  Citrus are very special plants. Not only are they beautiful evergreen plants with lush, green foliage, but also they have heavenly fragrant blooms and delicious fruit.  These trees will start bearing fruit within the next 12-18 months!

Australian finger limes are close relatives to other citrus. Australian finger lime grows into a very small to medium-sized tree. Will remain small tree when grown as a container citrus. The leaves are tiny at approximately one-half inch long and the branches become very spiny with about 1 thorn set in every leaf axil.  New growth is purple in color and the flowers are white and pink during the main flowering season of May-July. The finger limes are about three inches long, green and around the size of an average person’s index finger.  Once the fruit is cut open the tiny round juice vesicles will slowly roll out of the fruit without squeezing, and resemble what are called  “citrus caviar”. 

The juice is very tart, much like a Mexican lime.  The citrus caviar is used mainly as a garnish. The tree produces fruit year round, the main fruiting season is November-December when the internal reddish color is the most vivid and the green fruit falls off in your hand .

So no matter where you live, a citrus tree will add a sweet fragrance, delicious fruit, and ornamental appeal to your home or garden. Larry’s Orchids and Tropicals, offers only the top choice of easy to grow Grafted Citrus varieties for your home patio/container garden.  We also offer the necessary fertilizers to make growing your citrus tree fun and easy.

Checkout our other citrus varieties on our Web Page

Your shipping and handling costs are $9.50 for the first Citrus Tree and $3.50 for each additional shipped year round USPS Priority Mail in insulated boxes with FREE HEAT PACKS, if necessary, from New Baltimore Michigan.


Citrus Trees cannot be shipped into citrus producing States within the U.S.A. These states are Texas, Florida and Arizona. (Sorry we do not set the rules – the USDA does) This grafted tree is a product of California.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ignacio says:

    Interesado en Finger lime(Citrus australasica) para maceta.
    Posible enviar a Spain? How?
    Coste en Euros?

    1. Winci says:

      Sorry I’m not sure where you can get it in Europe nor how much it will cost. Good luck in your search!

  2. Annmerlo says:

    I am in Arizona and really want one of the finger lime trees. Can you help me?

    1. Winci says:

      Hi there, I saw some for sale at Walter Andersen in San Diego. Maybe you can contact them? Good luck in your search 🙂

  3. Humberto says:

    Hello. I’m from Portugal and was wondering if I sell the seeds to plant? What is the price of delivery? thank you

    1. Winci says:

      I haven’t had any fruit from my tree yet so can’t help you there

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