Microcitrus australasica flowers opened. Aka Fingerlime

Sad Looking finger lime tree
Finger lime flower!

Finally the little flower buds opened today. The flowers are tiny and white on the inside, pinkish on the outside.
Mine has five petals…. I was researching to see what I need to do to get these little flowers to produce fruit and it appears I need to add Epsom salt and water lots.

I also found out that some finger limes have three petals only…. And since mine has five petals, that it’s actually a Microcitrus australasica sanguinea – the red-fleshed fingerlime! Even more exciting as I did not know this when I bought the plant.

Here is the page with the fingerlime flower info http://www.saalfelds.freeserve.co.uk/microcitrusaustralasica.htm






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  1. Paer cameron says:

    I like planting and to have finger lime .

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