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New home

1 Dec

So I guess I haven’t posted in a year but lots of changes this year. We bought a home so now I have a small yard!

Planting as much stuff as possible in the ground and this week, I just planted some asparagus crowns into the ground.

I first started this blog when I planted asparagus in containers so it seems fitting to start the new chapter with asparagus too!

This time they’re in the ground!

I just bought these bareroot crowns from Walter Anderson in San Diego and decided to do put them somewhere I initially wanted ornament plants.

So still a little unconventional, these asparagus are partially going to ornamental for landscaping to hide an ugly fence. The spot is narrow and mostly shaded in the winter but I am hoping I will get some sun as the seasons change.

Supposedly, it can take some shade so let’s see how it goes!


Tasty pitaya! Ripe and so tasty

13 Nov

We decided to pick the pitaya dragon fruit even though it didn’t appear as bright pink as some of the pictures. I did ready it takes about 30 days from flower to ripe. So I think i ended up picking it at 45 days. The tentacles coming off the fruit started having slightly dry looking edges so I decided it was ready. It was a risk as apparently they don’t ripen anymore once picked. 

I am so glad I did as it was on a tiny bit of the soft side but still so good and sweet and not mushy!!!
Once I photographed it inside, it actually appeared more pink in the images so maybe that’s why other people’s looked so much brighter than mine! 
  Here’s #2!

Going to pick him at under 45 days!
Look at the colour change of #1


Nature gave me a very tasty giant strawberry but also took away my only Tango mandarin

28 Apr

Growing these in a long wooden box. Pleasantly surprised to find this giant hiding.



But unfortunately, the recent April showers must’ve knocked off my last Tango mandarin. These have been growing forever. I feel like it has taken at least six months to get the this size. Bummer I found him on the floor.
The other tiny mandarins also dropped off the tree recently.


Potting up Mango from seed.

25 Jan


My mango seed #2 is looking good. I know most people will wait until it starts rooting and growing leaves before putting it in soil but I have had bad success transferring sprouting seeds in that way so I decided to pot it up already.

Also there is some debate as to which direction to orient the seed in the dirt. Some say flat, some say rounded end down. I figured in the “wild” the seed will always lay flat so I went with flat.

Here he is! Last time I will see the seed!

Hopefully in a few weeks I will see a shoot rising from the soil. I used organic Happy Frog potting mix.


Mango from seed sprouting already!

10 Jan

The first attempt seed is still not doing anything after three days in the ziplock bag. However, attempt #2 which I only started yesterday is already sprouting! It soaked in water for a little over 24 hrs and I just wrapped it in a damp paper towel and put it in a ziplock. Check out these pics 🙂 how exciting!






Growing mango from seed. Attempt #2

8 Jan

I checked on the mango seed I started a couple of days ago (First attempt) and the paper towel was all brown so I changed it out with a fresh one. That seed was dark brownish in some areas when I pulled him out. As I don’t know if this was normal, and I still had another organic mango left, I decided to have another seed going at the same time. Here are the pics from my seed number two!

This one was a lot easier to get out. Knowing where the to look for a seam helps so if you want to try this, maybe get a couple of mangoes so first one you can experiment on and if you mess up, you have a back up.

I scrapped at the narrow edges of the mango seed husk until I saw the seam. The first attempt I spent a long time cleaning the slippery mango and fibers off the husk. No need. Just use a butter knife and scrape at the sharp edge until you see what looks like a seam. If you can’t see it, try the opposite sharp edge of the husk.


Growing Mango from Seed - Husk of Mango seed pry opened with a butter knife.


Growing Mango from Seed - Husk of Mango seed pry opened with a butter knife.


Growing Mango from Seed - Husk of Mango seed removed - This inner seed had a papery cover on it.


Growing Mango from Seed - Husk of Mango seed removed - inner seed with papery cover


Growing Mango from Seed - Husk of Mango seed removed - inner seed with papery cover


Growing Mango from Seed - Husk of Mango seed removed -papery cover removed. Here is the inner seed next to the tasty fleshy mango


Growing Mango from Seed - Husk of Mango seed removed -papery cover removed. Here is the inner seed next to the tasty fleshy mango


Growing Mango from Seed - Inner Seed soaking in a cup of water. Will leave this one over night, then wipe it down, and wrap loosely in damp paper towel, then place in ziplock bag and then the hard part - wait!

All Peaches gone! See you again next year!

19 May


I have finally picked all my fruits from my little Tropic Beauty Peach tree. These ones were almost as big as the ones you can buy in the store!
I think I like the flavour of the Tropic Prince Peach better. It had a melting texture with a tarter taste. The tropic beauty was yummy too but over ripe on one side of the fruit, and a little crunchy on the other.

You can see a little cracking on the fruit as when I picked it, the end was so soft my finger squashed it a bit but I was surprised to find the stem end still a bit hard.

Tropic Beauty is definitely semi- cling stone. Now I know what that means. 🙂
Before any of my fruit were ripe, I half expected there to be a giant stone in the middle of them and very little fruit – glad to say I am pleasantly surprised there was much more than a couple of bites to each peach. This is one of my most satisfying gardening moments – harvesting my own homegrown peaches within a year of owning these tiny trees.

I can’t wait til next year! Hopefully my trees will recover from the bacterial spot and produce even more fruit.