Tropic Prince Peach Harvest!

Fruiting Tropic Prince Peach

I checked my peaches today and felt they were getting soft and smelled lush and peachy so I went for it and pulled a few off. My first ever peach harvest! So impressed!

Tropic Prince Peach. This one is so peachy!
handful of ripe Tropic Prince Peaches

They’re small but taste just like a real peach! I don’t know why I expected otherwise!

Tropic Prince Peach. So tasty!

The pit was very small which was great as there was lots of juicy fruit – I believe Tropic Prince is a semi-cling stone variety but it was most definitely clinging.

I left the last two on the tree for now.


So I guess I had five peaches total on my Tropic Prince tree. Not bad considering the bacterial spot on the leaves. I frantically sprayed with copper fungicide one night when it was officially confirmed as bacterial spot (thanks peeps) and it seemed to stop it getting worse. I also removed a couple of smaller peaches from this tree to not stress it out too much. Hopefully it will make a full recovery and be beautiful and disease free next season.

My other peach tree, Tropic Beauty Peach, (which I have had a few months longer than the Tropic Prince and did spray with copper before the new leaves appeared earlier this season) seems to be doing much better. Peaches are bigger and more leaves although there is still evidence of bacterial spot. Heres a comparison of the tropic prince harvest in my hand and the biggest Tropic Beauty Peach.

Tropic Prince Peaches next to the Tropic Beauty Peaches. They're still hard

The colours of the peach varieties are a little different. The tropic beauty looks a greener and not at bright as the tropic prince although it isn’t ripe yet.

So overall it has been a fun experiment. My two $10 peach trees made it through the first season in a container and produced fruit. How awesome is that?! I highly recommend home Depot trees! My little trees, I’m so proud of them. Hopefully they will fruit again next year. I will have to learn how to prune, root prune, spray correctly and all that other fun stuff. I’m so glad the bacterial spot didn’t show up earlier in the season and my crop is unharmed.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. They look positively divine! YUM!

    1. Winci says:

      Thanks! I am still amazed my little trees produced edible fruit. Consider I only bought them 6-7 months ago!

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