All Peaches gone! See you again next year!


I have finally picked all my fruits from my little Tropic Beauty Peach tree. These ones were almost as big as the ones you can buy in the store!
I think I like the flavour of the Tropic Prince Peach better. It had a melting texture with a tarter taste. The tropic beauty was yummy too but over ripe on one side of the fruit, and a little crunchy on the other.

You can see a little cracking on the fruit as when I picked it, the end was so soft my finger squashed it a bit but I was surprised to find the stem end still a bit hard.

Tropic Beauty is definitely semi- cling stone. Now I know what that means. 🙂
Before any of my fruit were ripe, I half expected there to be a giant stone in the middle of them and very little fruit – glad to say I am pleasantly surprised there was much more than a couple of bites to each peach. This is one of my most satisfying gardening moments – harvesting my own homegrown peaches within a year of owning these tiny trees.

I can’t wait til next year! Hopefully my trees will recover from the bacterial spot and produce even more fruit.


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