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Homegrown olives! Now what? Curing in Brine

6 Dec

So here’s my little olive harvest from my $10 tree I bought earlier this year.

I left them on the tree for a while until the recent storm knocked some little olives onto the ground. I had to do something about it before they went to waste so here’s what I got: IMG_4958.JPG


It’s a small handful of tiny olives!

And I am following these instructions http://m.wikihow.com/Cure-Olives

As my little ones are ripe, I have to do the brine curing – method #2


Washed and cut a slit in each one and I guess let it sit for a week, change out brine and then let sit for 2 months (!!!!).


I guess we will see what happens in a couple of months! Hope they taste good!

Here are some pics of the olives from October, a couple of months ago. Still greenish.




Rehoming growing lotus

24 Mar

I moved everything around a little bit as the lotus water was getting yuckie and it needed a bigger home. I found this fish bowl laying around so hopefully it will be perfect for my little lotus.

Also added rocks to the vase lotus.




Excited about these plump little Southmoon Blueberries!

13 Mar

I thought my blueberry plants were done – leaves started dropping like crazy, branches were turning red and leaves turning brown with spots. Total disaster.

I tried to temporarily adjust the ph of the soil with diluted vinegar and removed all the old leaves remaining. New leaves are coming in now and the blueberries are plumping up nicely.

Very exciting there are so many berries on the plant!


SOUTHMOON BLUEBERRIES. Growing in container.


SOUTHMOON BLUEBERRIES. Growing in container. Asparagus behind


SOUTHMOON BLUEBERRIES. Growing in container. Berries growing at different rate. My cross pollinator died so I wonder how these will perform...


SOUTHMOON BLUEBERRIES. Growing in container. Berries growing at different rate. More flowers

Ingenious Water Genie

2 Jul

I just found the most amazing thing at Home Depot!

And it was on sale for only ten bucks from $20. It is still worth the buy for $20 for sure.
This is the first “as seen on tv” thing I have ever bought and I’m glad to report it works fantastically.


The amazing Water Genie. Looks like an ant eater from the front...just need a pair of eyes...

The hose automatically retracts – you can also lock it at different lengths so it isn’t tugging at you when you are watering your plants. I also love the fact I can point the nose right into the ground and water lower down so the leaves do not get wet. Every year all my melon/cucumber/squash leaves fall victim to powdery mildew so hopefully this will help.

The Water genie seems to be constructed pretty well and is pretty sturdy. It comes out of the box pre-assembled beside the spout head which you simply plug in. It is pretty much the same size as my two gallon watering can and probably feels as heavy as the two gallon can when it is half full. I’m so happy I don’t have to run back and fourth refilling my can anymore, as it is summer, and my garden is thirstier than ever.


Water Genie watering 'can'. Works GREAT! Look how happy she looks!