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Dec 2017. Volunteers from compost and asparagus one month growth

21 Dec

So tall! Over a foot tall! Unfortunately I do not know how old these crowns are. I am going to assume one year crowns. Impulse buy ­čÖé

I think I have some kind of squash! First time used some compost. I have a closed bin which possibly has zucchini seeds from the old zucchini I grew earlier this year or spaghetti squash seeds. I hardly buy any squash. So excited to see what we are getting!

Also I see a couple of tomatoes. We had a random volunteer that grew and grew and grew. It was a pear yellow cherry tomato and was very productive so these are likely from that.


Elephant garlic with babies

20 Jun

What are these little guys? When I pulled the garlic out these looked like little offspring attached to the big bulb. Left it outside to cure and the little guys are rock hard like little seeds now. I think I’ll plant them and see what happens. I originally planted left over old garlic cloves last year and forgot about them. There’s one more bulb I haven’t pulled as its flowering.